10 reasons Why Jandals Are The Perfect Slip-On Shoe For Summer

The Perfect Shoe For Summer 


Jandals are the perfect shoes for the summertime! Don’t believe us? Here are ten quick reasons why:


1) They’re easy to get on


Most jandals are slide-on shoes that you can step straight into in seconds. When you’re in a rush or cannot be bothered fiddling with straps and tabs, these are a natural choice.  


2) You can take them in the water!


At Spendless Shoes, we have water-worthy jandals to fit the whole family! These trendy PVC thongs and flip-flops are light-weight, flexible, and just what you need to soak up the sunshine.


3) They dry off quickly


After a dip in the water or a rinse under the tap to get seaweed off, PVC jandals dry off fast. You can leave them to sun-dry, walk the water off, or even towel them down. Then you put them back on and keep going!


4) They’re great in the heat


Even partially-enclosed jandals can thrive in hot weather! The excellent air circulation of our styles will keep your feet cool on sweltering days. Plus, they should stop you from burning and sizzling your feet on the sidewalk.


5) We have similar styles that suit different ages


As one of our favourite looks of the season, you’ll find trendy jandals in our women’s, men’s, and kids’ ranges. Designs for our youngest customers tend to come with touch-fastening tabs. That means the whole family can get the year’s best!


6) Men and women have a great colour range


At Spendless Shoes, the best colours for women’s jandals include white, black, pink, and even rose gold. Colours offered in the men’s range will be easy to match with even the most vibrant shirts and summer casuals.


7) Kids get to enjoy all kinds of bright and colourful styles


Not only do you have a spectrum of awesome colours with these jandals, but these younger styles feature cute cartoon patterns like icecreams, crabs, anchors, or fruits as well. They’re easy to spot on the sand, so you’re unlikely to lose these little jandals. And, if you are worried about it, then you can always try some of our styles with additional fastenings.


8) Height-boosting jandals are still comfortable


Our padded ‘flatform’ designs are something ladies should watch for in 2019. With their spongey bases and flat soles, you get extra cushioning and a little height boost without having to stand on an incline the way you would with a wedge.


Looks with x-shaped crossover straps are one hot pick, while our airy single-band jandals with wraparound buckled ankle fastenings are becoming a strong contender for the top spot.


9) You can get something sturdy!


While it’s typical for jandals to be a slide-on design, we’re giving reef-walkers an honorary spot in our list because they’re an excellent addition to any collection.


In the men’s range, our assortment of sturdy and trendy reef-walkers can help see you through rougher terrain. With touch-fastening tabs on the back heel, across the toes, and on top of the foot, these jandals will keep you safe and secure inside your shoes. Plus, reef-walkers are a great match with your best shorts and swimwear.


10) If you want something more formal, we have just the jandals for you!


With a hint of the metallic décor that grunge-lovers are into, our Birkenstock-inspired jandals are a perfect smart-casual option! With their dual buckled top straps for added style, the classic slide-on fit of your favourite slides, a comfy contoured innersole, and a grooved base, you’re sure to love the mix of feel and function. Plus, we have jandals for all ages and genders!


Ready for your new pair?


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