12 Things To Remember When Purchasing Your Wedding Shoes

Searching For The Perfect Wedding Shoes?


Get ready to buy wedding shoes the right way at Spendless! Here are our top twelve things to think about before you start shopping:


1) Stick to the dress code


Before you start looking at wedding shoes, it’s important to know if there are any has any stipulations surrounding styles. Make sure that you ask!


2) Do you want to match styles with anyone?


While you might expect all of the groomsmen and bridesmaids to have the same styles, families who match their wedding shoes are less common, despite how classy and put-together they make them look. At Spendless, we have dozens of great doppelganger designs for parents and kids, so feel free to browse!


3) Think about the setting


Will the ceremony be held indoors or outdoors? Is there any chance of sand or grass? Make sure you know what your wedding shoes will be walking into so that you can stay safe and find the appropriate style, whether that means flats, stilettos, or block heels.


4) The right style with the right dress


Here’s a quick tip for heel-wearers: if you’re wearing light or flowing material, then choose stilettos— block heels might be too look heavy. Balance is essential on any occasion, so make sure your wedding shoes don’t look chunky.


5) The best colours for gentlemen  


Going for a classic black-tie look? You’ll want to keep your wedding shoes glossy and black too. Tan or brown styles, on the other hand, will look fresh and trendy with navy or grey.


6) Colours for the ladies


White is a given, but silver or gold wedding shoes are always an outstanding pick. This season, you’ll find an abundance of wedding shoes with glitter or rhinestone trim as well. If you want colours that are easy to match with prints and the like, then natural or black wedding shoes would be cute also.


7) You can give yourself some height if you need to


Ladies, if you’re on the shorter side, then some heeled wedding shoes are probably a good pick. Not only will they look great on, but they’ll also help get more of you into the frame than just your forehead.


8) You can pack spares


Considering all the standing and dancing you might be doing, it’s a brilliant idea to pack spares. When your feet get sore and start to ache, you can swap your wedding shoes out for a fresh pair (or soft old favourites) and keep partying.


9) Add accessories for foot care


Weddings can be long, but they shouldn’t be painful. If you’re worried about your shoes causing you pain, then pick up some of our foot care accessories! We have heel grips, gel innersoles, and other inserts to improve your comfort!


10) Get your wedding shoes ahead of time


You do not want to leave these to the last minute! Chances are, you’ll be getting your invite months in advance, so there’s no excuse for putting off your shopping until the last minute. Stop the stress of searching for last-minute wedding shoes, and start looking early.


11) Break them in!


Always, always wear your wedding shoes in a little. No matter how cosy and comfortable they might feel fresh out of the box, you should still give your feet time to adjust. Walk around the house or wear them out shopping so you can get used to them.


12) Get styles you can wear again


One-hit wonders are for the music world, not the fashion industry. Choose a versatile look for your next wedding shoes; you'll be able to integrate them back into your everyday wardrobe instead of leaving them to collect dust.


We hope this helps!


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