1st Place Worthy Footwear This Spring Racing Season At Spendless

Spring Racing Season At Spendless

With Spring Racing coming closer and closer, we thought it was to time that we weighed in! Spendless Shoes has a fair bit of experience with advising on Spring Racing styles, and we have decided to focus on the ladies today. So, here are our top picks and some quick tips about Spring Racing for 2018!

One thing NOT to do

The worst thing that you can do is wear uncomfortable, impractical, or irritating styles to a Spring Racing event. No matter how lovely they look, if your shoes hurt your feet and slow you down, you will quickly ruin your experience. You do not want to be the only one of your friends or group going barefoot around the Spring Racing venue because you blisters and foot cramps have reached intolerable levels. Not only will it be embarrassing, it really could ruin your day. So, when it comes to picking a style for Spring Racing, choose something that you can wear for hours in perfect comfort.

With that out of the way, let's get to the fun stuff!

Our hot favourite

This season, we absolutely must recommend our espadrille wedges for Spring Racing. These gorgeous shoes are gaining a massive following as we head closer towards summer, and Spendless has an excellent line-up waiting for you.

Concerning a lawn-proof style, you cannot get better than a thick wedge base. The chunky platform will provide plenty of support and comfort for your feet, so you can enjoy Spring Racing without stressing. Our favourite espadrilles have elegant ties you can lace up your legs, for a flattering and slimming look across your ankles and calves. These will make a stunning pairing with jumpsuits, statement skirts, and daring dresses.

How to pick the colour

You probably don't need our help with this one. But one quick tip that we have for choosing the right colour of shoes for Spring Racing is to match them with another aspect of your outfit. It might be your outfit, your jewellery, a clutch, or even your makeup. Just make sure that you have that link between your shoes and the rest of your look, and your Spring Racing outfit will go down a treat!

The right accessories to wear with your Spring Racing stilettos

Love your stilettos, but are tired of sinking into lawns or between deck cracks? Hello, Starlettos! These handy heel stoppers slide onto the base of your shoes to provide a broader platform for you to balance and walk across. Starlettos provide you with the easiest way to get the feel and stability of a block heel without forgoing your Spring Racing favourites. They even come with a little pouch that you can put them in!

And, best of all, they won't mark up your lovely new shoes! Keep your Spring Racing heels in perfect condition with these heel stoppers, as the 'petal' grips are gentle on fabrics and should not mark the materials. Spring Racing stilettos of all shapes are suited to Starlettos, so long as their base is between 8-14 millimetres in width.

Sole Salvation

You will love our sole salvation pack! These were built specifically for special events like Spring Racing! Just think of it; all your beauty and shoe-help essentials combined in one cute zip-up purse for your convenience. You get gel cushions, a nail file, blister plasters, heel grips, and plenty of space to fit your cards, keys, and coins inside too! It's perfect for all your Spring Racing needs!

And there you have it!

Now you have some insight into our favourite Spring Racing tips and tricks. So, are you ready to start choosing? Find the perfect pair for Spring Racing at Spendless Shoes, and get the look for less.