3 Ways To Stylishly Wear Men’s Sandals

Your Guide To Wearing Men's Sandals 


Are you looking for some style tips this season for your men’s sandals? Spendless Shoes has just what you need. Here are our top three different settings, outfits, and designs for men’s sandals!  


Different occasions for men’s sandals


1) Out to dinner or other formal occasions


Our dressy men’s sandals can be the perfect fit for all sorts of special events. An outdoor restaurant on a mild night, birthday drinks at a friend’s house, a casual wedding— you name it!


2) Out and about


Not every set of men’s sandals is going to have a special occasion link to it. More often than not, a new pair of shoes is bought out of necessity, once an old couple of faithful’s have finally, irreparably fallen apart.


In that case, you’re probably searching for men’s sandals that can be a go-to throughout the season— a quick and easy pair to slide into when you’re hurrying out of the door.


3) In the water and out adventuring


These men’s sandals are also excellent if you plan on spending your summer keeping cool (or working on your tan) at the beach or in a pool!


Ways to wear men’s sandals with different attire


1) To dress down formal outfits


Some laid-back feeling men’s sandals can be a quick way to tone down an otherwise formal getup. For an occasion with a smart-casual or relaxed-formal dress code, these sorts of men’s shoes are often the deciding factor on which end of the spectrum that you will fall. Pairing some nice chinos and a collared shirt with some men’s sandals can give you a laid-back style that doesn’t feel sloppy.


2) Paired off with casual clothes


Who could deny the effortless style of a t-shirt, a pair of shorts, and your new men’s sandals? Honestly, no one. For a relaxed everyday look, we recommend that you match your best basics together and get going!  


3) Combine with your swimwear


No one has ever stared weirdly at a guy in his swimsuit because they thought his men’s sandals were a bad match with them. As long as they are just as waterproof as your bathers, that is! If you plan to be a frequent visitor down at the beach, an aquatic centre, or the poolside, then we have a great lineup for you!


Our top three designs of men’s sandals


1) Gladiators


These are smooth, classically trendy, and they even have a cool name. What’s not to love about gladiators? With their enclosed toes and ribbed straps, these are the most formal-feeling of our men’s sandals.


We love how easy these are to style as well!  Wear what you would typically, and switch out your regular formal footwear! Plus, since most dress shoes can look weird without socks, our gladiator men’s sandals are the ideal pick on smouldering days, so that you won’t have to feel your feet slowly boiling.


2) Birkenstock-inspired slides


With two thick top straps, a grooved sole, and a comfortably contoured footbed, our Birkenstock-inspired men’s sandals are ideal for hours of soft wear. These simple but stylish slides are fast to slide into and perfect for all sorts of occasions.


3) Beach-worthy styles


Our water-ready styles encompass reef-walkers, PVC thongs, or some of our favourite retro slides! Men’s sandals in this section are ready for anything the summer can throw at you, and they’re not scared of the water! For guys who appreciate function that maintains a great style. Plus, the majority of these can get worn at the shops or your local kiosk without attracting odd looks.


We hope that helps!


Start your summertime off on the right foot with our men’s sandals!