3 Ways to Wear Men’s Casual Shoes

Footwear is a wardrobe staple that you should always pay attention to. 

Walking barefoot at home is acceptable, though not recommended; doing it outside is an outright no. Why even risk it when you have excellent pairs of men’s casual shoes at Spendless New Zealand?

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This footwear is versatile, can take you where you want to go, and is more suitable for relaxed and laid-back occasions, but you can still sneak it into extraordinary events. 

Nowadays, people are more lenient with fashion, prioritising comfort above everything else. So, if you know how to be trendy, then you’re good to go.

However, if you’re not confident in your styling expertise, our Spendless New Zealand team can lend a helping hand. 

While you don’t need to be a professional stylist to do this, it helps to know how to mix and match your existing wardrobe with your footwear.

Let’s focus on the most in-demand footwear now, sharing three ways to wear it. If you’re ready to do it, let’s start!

Why Choose White Sneakers?

When it comes to wearing shoes, there are many different ways to mix and match them. Therefore, finding the most suitable pair that suits your needs is essential. In addition, researching and comparing the price tags are necessary to find the best deal.

It's also a good idea to create an account with your favourite shoe store to keep track of your purchases and potentially receive discounts on your first purchase.

Once you've found the perfect pair, it's time to start thinking about how to dress them. For a casual look, pair your shoes with jeans and a T-shirt—an excellent option for running errands or hanging out with friends.

For a slightly more formal look, consider wearing chinos or khakis and a button-down shirt—an excellent option for a night out or a casual office setting.

White sneakers are the best example of men’s casual footwear that can work on different occasions. Several guys have these in their capsule wardrobes because they are versatile. 

They bridge the gap between formal and relaxed styles, which you can dress down or up. If you already have this footwear in your closet, you are one step closer to living a minimalist lifestyle.

You can wear these on vacation, where your only worry is the next place to eat. 

Some corporate functions and even special occasions like weddings are more open to them, provided you wear the right clothes to match. 

And we should not forget how these are the ideal footwear for daily activities—errands, meet-ups, and everything you do in your routine.

As such, we will provide ways to wear them for these three usual activities. Are you ready?

1. Vacations and Travels

Going on vacation and travelling means letting go of all the stiffness and formalities. You’re out to have fun, so your clothes should also reflect that vibe. 

The first thing that should go inside your luggage is your pair of Spendless New Zealand white sneakers, unless you plan on wearing them en route to your destination.

With your luggage open, what items should you pack to match?

Shorts are the most obvious choice to pair with this footwear while on vacation. However, staying within the nautical route is best if you go somewhere tropical. A striped round-neck shirt is a good match. 

It’s better to wear invisible socks with this footwear while on vacation to avoid looking like you’re going to the gym. Pack some short-sleeved button-down shirts to wear over your swim shorts and white sneakers.

Next to shorts, the safest travel outfit consists of skinny jeans, a plain shirt, and your go-to footwear. Of course, never forget your sunglasses and hat to complete the look.

2. Special Occasions

It’s all about styling. As mentioned, this footwear has been making the rounds at special events. However, corporate functions like networking events and conventions are more accepting of these men’s casual shoes. 

Some grooms came to their wedding wearing matching white sneakers with their brides. So what should you wear for this occasion?

The Spendless New Zealand team suggests an elegant look: a suit or blazer. White footwear adds spice to a tailored outfit, making it perfect for functions and weddings and achieving an effortless look. 

Please keep your white sneakers sleek and spotless to maintain the sophisticated look.

A dirty pair will turn others off and affect their impression of you. Additionally, you don’t want to drive away potential business contacts because of your unkempt footwear.

Consider wearing a monochromatic black outfit for an informal special occasion like dinner and cocktails with friends and family. 

Your footwear will create a light escape from an all-black look consisting of black jeans, a turtleneck, and your choice among a blazer, a leather bomber jacket, or a long coat. Ensure your pants end near your ankles to highlight your beautiful white sneakers.

3. Day-to-Day look

If you want to achieve the straight-from-bed look and still appear put together, make jogger pants your daily uniform with this footwear. 

You must use the jersey cotton variety with cuffed ankles to differentiate from the gym look. Then, wear any of your shirts, from graphic to plain, and you’re ready to face the day.

This outfit will take you to your errands—grocery shopping, car tune-up—and look good even if you meet up for brunch or snacks afterwards. Add a hoodie or bomber jacket to this men’s casual shoe look when the temperature drops for warmth.

Tips to Keep Your White Sneakers Clean

Armed with the different styling ways you can wear your men’s casual shoes, there’s another step you need to know: how to maintain their cleanliness.

Hygiene is essential, especially to leave a good, lasting impression. So, the Spendless New Zealand team gathered simple ways to keep your men’s casual shoes looking brand new.

  • Keep a bottle of white nail polish handy. It’s a miracle worker for covering scratches.
  • Ensure you have Spendless NZ’s water and stain protection spray, which you must regularly apply to your men’s casual shoes. It protects against moisture and stains, which can ruin their material.
  • Clean them regularly by wiping them after every use. Then, use a toothbrush to remove the dirt attached to crevices and hard-to-reach areas.
  • Store them in cabinets or bags, protecting them from dust accumulation.

Elevate Your Style with the Help of Spendless New Zealand!

For those in Australia who are interested in purchasing Spendless footwear, they offer a variety of colours and styles to choose from, including women’s footwear that is similar to the said brand.

One way to wear a Spendless pair is to pair them with shorts and a T-shirt for a casual and comfortable look. Select a pair of shoes that complement the colour of your outfit, such as a neutral colour like black or brown.

Add a pop of colour to your t-shirt, and accessorise with a watch or sunglasses for a complete look. With Spendless' range of shoes and colours, you will have a pair that fits your style.

Another way to wear them is to pair them with jeans and a button-down shirt for a bright, casual look. Browse their collection to discover a style that matches your taste and choose a pair that fits well.

You can then place your order online and have it delivered to your doorstep. Then, when your shoes arrive, try them on with your favourite pair of jeans and a button-down shirt for a stylish and comfortable outfit.

With Spendless footwear, you can find a pair that fits your needs, whether you're looking for comfort, style, or both.

Use the styling tips to spice up your look on three occasions. But first, if you don’t have a pair of white men’s casual shoes yet, it’s time you head to the nearest Spendless NZ retailer or the online store to get one now!