5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Shopping for Kids School Shoes

When shopping for a kid’s school shoes, it can be hard to know the ins and outs of finding the best fit. The process of finding new kid’s school shoes can be super confusing, especially when there isn’t much help along the way.


There are plenty of things that you may come across when choosing your kid’s school shoes, but you may not know what is worth understanding. For this reason, we have gathered our five common mistakes to avoid when shopping for your kid’s school shoes.


By reading about these five common mistakes, you may be able to gain a better idea of what to look for when shopping for a kid’s school shoes. These common mistakes are easy to make, but they are also easy to avoid as well.


Once you know what to look for during your shopping experience, the whole process becomes easier! So, enjoy a read below on our five common mistakes when shopping for kid’s school shoes, so then you can feel much more prepared and aware for your next trip to the shops.


Buying A Bigger Fit Leave Room For Growth!


One common mistake that we see happen more often than not are parents buying their children a pair of kid’s school shoes that are too big for their feet. In hindsight, many parents may find this method very effective and great for the long term.


However, buying kid’s school shoes that are two sizes too big may cause more problems for your child. It is good to purchase kid’s school shoes with a bit of leeway for additional growth throughout the year because it is hard to avoid or determine how much growth will occur.


Generally, leaving a thumb-width space between the top of the footwear and your child’s toe is as much room as you need for potential growth. Buying a pair of kid’s school shoes that is too big for your child’s feet can cause problems with the development of their feet and the way they walk. As the footwear may flop or slip off due to being too big, it can alter the way your child walks.


This issue can prevent the full development of their feet. This situation can also lead to back pain or potential blisters and cuts on their feet. These are things you would try to avoid. Buying the correctly sized kid’s school shoes is an essential tip to implement in the shopping adventure.


Going Against Uniform Rules!


For some education facilities, there is no set uniform rule for kid’s school shoes. This situation can lead to many parents being confused about what type of kid’s school shoes to buy for their child. Our best tip is to try and stick to a simple style that won’t go against the uniform rules.


When there are no uniform rules about footwear, it is easy to get caught up with what your child would like to wear. However, this may be more problematic than beneficial once the term starts. Many parents may end up buying their kid’s school shoes that are too colourful or too casual for an educational environment.


This situation can include sneakers with bright and colourful patterns on them or a pair of flats for your daughter but, they don’t offer enough support. If there are no set uniform rules for your kid’s school shoes, try to lean more towards the generic style of black or white kicks.


Sneakers, lace-ups and Mary-jane styles of kid’s school shoes are perfect to go towards when shopping. If you find yourself stuck, feel free to give the principal a call and seek some extra guidance.


Bring Your Children Along For The Ride!


A very common mistake when parents are shopping for a new kid’s school shoes is that they don’t bring their children with them. We know some children can be hard to shop with due to their age or have had a bad day, but it is necessary to bring them along.


We highly recommend that your child goes with you to buy a new pair of kid’s school shoes so that they can try on the footwear, give them a test run around the store, and see if they like the look of them before purchasing. This tip is super important and can make the shopping trip a lot easier.


Children’s feet are constantly growing and developing, so if you buy a pair of kid’s school shoes based on the size you already know, it can lead to more problems instead of getting their feet measured.


The in-store try on for kid’s school shoes is a vital step in choosing the right pair of kid’s school shoes that many tend to forget about. If you feel like enjoying yourself, why not turn the shopping trip into a fun day out with your children and spend some quality time together before the term starts back up again.


Hoping The Footwear Will Last The Entire Year!


We know many parents are keen to buy kid’s school shoes in hopes that they last the entire year. This method is generally driven by the financial side of things, where buying one pair for the whole year is a good investment (if it works).


However, this technique generally doesn’t work as your children’s feet will constantly grow and change through the year. If expenses are a reason you prefer to buy only one pair, why not try to find an affordable version of the footwear, so you have the option and money to buy a second pair during the year if need be.


This look can be seen in purchasing synthetic kid’s school shoes rather than leather as that material is more expensive. The style of kid’s school shoes may also cause a higher price, so finding a more affordable style can also be helpful.


If you know that you’re short for the time during the year due to work or other commitments, it can be much easier to purchase a pair of kid’s school shoes at the start of the year and hope that they last for the entire duration of the year. This tip can work for some children; however, it doesn’t work for everyone.


If you have a feeling that your child may grow throughout the year, it is in your best interest to grab two pairs of kid’s school shoes of different sizes or plan to make a second trip to the shops in the middle of the year. This tip is the best way to avoid any sore feet or upset children throughout the year.


Stock Up On Accessories!


A common mistake when buying a kid’s school shoes is not grabbing some accessories for the footwear. Accessories for kid’s school shoes can look like extra shoelaces, innersoles, material polish and even extra socks.


It may be hard to believe, but your kid’s school shoes may come across some wear and tear during the year, especially for active children. In this instance, you will be thankful for having a few extra supplies of laces, socks, and innersoles because it saves you an extra trip to the shops.


No matter the style of kid’s school shoes that your child wears, these footwear accessories will be useful at some point during the year, so make sure to grab some along with the new kicks!    


You’re Now Ready To Shop For The Perfect Kid’s School Shoes!


With our five common mistakes in mind, you will feel ready to tackle the shopping experience with ease. These tips will ensure you find the right kid’s school shoes for your child without having to go back and forth to the Spendless Shoes NZ stores. Your children will be ready for the term to begin in no time!