5 Reasons Why Everyone Can Wear Espadrilles!

The Best Heels For Summer


It’s no secret that espadrilles are some of our favourite shoes at Spendless. These trendy wedge heels bring the perfect mix of functional and fashionable. We think there should be a pair of these in every wardrobe this season, so we’ve put together a little list to prove it. Feast your eyes on the five reasons that everyone and anyone can wear espadrilles!


1) You can wear them for ages


When it comes to a style with long-lasting comfort, you cannot get much better than these wedges. The thick base is supportive and sturdy. Since espadrilles have a platform design, you get to enjoy a height boost that doesn’t force your feet onto a too-steep slope. Greater surface contact with the ground also helps espadrilles distribute your body weight more evenly than thin heels, easing pressure that would otherwise get placed on your legs, and stopping painful cramps.


2) Versatile looks that will suit plenty of different occasions and settings


You can dress these gorgeous heels up or down as you like, depending on the sorts of outfits that you put together. Denim skirts and t-shirts make an effortless casual look with natural espadrilles, but a set of black ones could be the fun finishing touch to a formal get-up.


Espadrilles are also better for walking on terrains like lawn, gravel, and other kinds that skinny heels would find difficult. As such, they are the optimal choice for events hosted outdoors or indoors.


3) They make your legs look amazing


If there’s one thing that people expect from their heels, it’s a design that flatters their figures. Espadrilles go above and beyond when it comes to shaping legs. The bases of all these wedges come in a natural tone, so when you wear them, it can blur the line between skin and shoes— a fashionable optical illusion that will make your legs look longer.


The platform heel also slims down your calves and ankles. With pretty playsuits and other summer looks, our espadrilles are a non-negotiable match.


4) We have shoes that will appeal to any aesthetic


Fastenings can be a significant contributor to your experience and enjoyment of a pair of shoes. At Spendless, our espadrilles come in buckled or lace-up kinds.


Buckles are perfect for a quick and secure fit, but they’re also adjustable for comfort. Espadrilles with buckled straps will be a natural choice for ladies who are always in a hurry.


Lace-up ties add to the overall look, giving you the freedom to choose how high you want to stretch them, and how tight that you want them to fit. Plus, the elegant crisscrossing straps on these espadrilles add to the overall look.


5) You get different designs to choose from


Another critical aspect that help espadrilles elevate any outfit is the subtle design points and complementary colour range. The primary two colours of our espadrilles are black and natural, the most straightforward shades, hands-down, to pair with bright colours, patterns, décor, and your best accessories. Where a more vibrant shade would clash, our espadrilles are made to fit everything.


You also have your choice of finish


Our smooth styles are sleek and sensational with form-fitting clothes or flowing ones, while espadrilles with textured bases bring bohemian vibes and an easy-going feel. Whatever your aesthetic is, Spendless has something to suit.


So, are you ready to spend less on espadrilles?


Jump online now and browse our great looks— navigating to the site is simple, delivery is fast, and what you see is what you get! Otherwise, head into your local Spendless store and enjoy legendary customer service from our team. No collection could be complete this summer without espadrilles— find your perfect pair at Spendless!