5 Styles Of Flats Every Woman Can Wear!


Today, we have five fabulous women’s flats for you to consider!

Since Spendless Shoes has such a diverse range, we thought it would be nice to narrow in on a specific category and talk you through some options. Now, read on for a quintet of women’s flats! 


1) Get your fashion on point with our ballet-style women’s flats 


Anyone who appreciated timeless-feeling shoes will enjoy a pair of these. When it comes to women’s flats, these are the be-all and end-all design. Round-toed shoes like these are fit for every season and can be dressed up or dressed down to your liking. Since the soles don’t have a heel, ease of wear is guaranteed. As such, our ballet-style women’s flats are a much-loved pick for ladies who work in the office, have a wedding, or need a set of shoes that they can spend the day (and night) in comfortably. Spendless Shoes has dozens of different women’s flats for you to choose from, which means we can cater to ladies of all aesthetic preferences. 


2) Sneak a peek at peep-toe slides 


Do you love airy and cosy women’s flats that can work in all sorts of settings? Our peep-toe slides will treat you right this season! Styles of this sort come with a single thick top band and open toes. The beauty of these women’s flats is their simplicity, as their minimalist design allows you to mix and match them with different outfits easily. While our favourites in this style tend to be glossy leather-look designs, we think that ones with faux suede fabric are hot contenders for the top spot. 


3) Keep casual with canvas shoes and trainers


These may not be the first styles that spring to mind when you start looking for women’s flats, but our lightweight trainers and skinny sneakers are a fitting fit for anyone. You won’t find the ultra-sporty tread from our active footwear on the bottom of our canvas shoes, but they will bring you the same long-lasting comfort. This kind of women’s flats makes a natural pairing with jeans of all shades, sporty leggings, and denim shorts. However, this season you will see plenty put under skirts and dresses too! Our casual women’s flats will add a tomboyish feel to any outfit this season. Also, their ease of wear could make them a better pick for parties than your standard heels! 


4) Add the flair with strappy women’s flats 


How do you feel about putting something a little dressier into your collection this season? Our faux suede styles add that a cool element to any ensemble and flatter your leg shape instantly. The bands can be strapped high up your legs, collected at the ankles, or crisscrossed anywhere between, and you have total freedom to adjust them as you like. You can wear strappy women’s flats with dresses and playsuits during the warmer months, and try them with culottes, cut-off jeans, and jumpsuits during the colder months. 


5) Glossy loafers could be your ideal match


Are you on the hunt for women’s flats that you could take from office to restaurant? Try out leather-look loafers! Ladies with limited time will approve of the slip-on fit when they’re running late in the morning. Loafer-style women’s flats are convenient, elegant, and oh-so-simple to style. Plus, they come with a shiny metallic feature across the toes and add a cool element to your look. Since these have such a sophisticated feel, you can pair them off with all of your favourite formal and evening attire too. 


Browse all these women’s flats at your leisure when you shop online!


Have fun spending less on your next pair from Spendless Shoes. Which of our women’s flats will you be taking home?