5 Stylish Celebs with Enviable Sneaker Collections

There is no doubt that celebrities have all of the latest and greatest products. Whether a new iPhone, a hair styling tool, men and womens accessories or even a pair of shoes, your favourite stars will have this item. One thing to be super enviable of when it comes to celebrities is those who have the best designer brands shoe collections.


If you are a men’s footwear fanatic, then you would know the A-list celebrities are making moves in the world of collectable mens shoes. Massive mens accessories and mens footwear collections are a current trend that is gaining more traction worldwide, and we could not be more excited about it.


Suppose you are at the beginning of your air max sneaker or Chuck Taylor all star collection or have a similarly extensive collection like your celebrity idols. In that case, we have the perfect selection of classic sneaker for inspiration for you.


We have gathered some of the top celebrities who have the ultimate essential leather shoe collections, so you can take some inspiration and work towards achieving these goals. It is impressive to see all the types of men and womens footwear collections that all of the different celebrities own.


It inspires us to start working on our men’s hi tops sneakers game, and we are sure it will do the same for you. So scroll down below and check out some well-known celebrities and their running shoes collections. If you are not envious now, trust us, you will be at the end!


1. Kylie Jenner


Although Kylie Jenner does not wear men’s cupsole sneaker shoes, she has the ultimate footwear collection that both males and females can appreciate. We all know that the Kardashian-Jenner gang has plenty of money up their sleeves to splurge on super cool classic slipon footwear, so it makes sense that they have such extensive athletics shoes collections.


It is estimated that Kylie Jenner owns over fifty pairs of mens training sneakers that inspire men and women to invest in similar teams.


Additionally, Kylie Jenner has a connection to Kanye West, who has produced Yeezy’s brand of shoes along with Adidas, so her collection of Adidas originals and Adidas performance is also inspired by the low mens sneakers of that range. Finally, Kylie Jenner’s air max infinity shoe collection is one to make anyone envious.


2. Michael B. Jordan


Michael B. Jordan is the guy who always gets mixed up with the infamous basketball player, Michael Jordan. Michael B. Jordan is instead a very well-known actor and has featured in some super cool action movies. One thing both Michaels’ have in common is that they share a strong love for shoes. One creates and designs Nike air men’s top sneakers, and the other loves to collect them.


Michael B. Jordan has stated that he owns more than one hundred pairs of men’s grand court sneakers – and that number would be increasing by the minute! As a famous actor, Michael B. Jordan would be immersed in the world of male fashion and need to present himself well and look his best.


So whether it is a red carpet or movie premiere, you know that Michael B. Jordan will whip out some Nike court kicks from his men’s sneaker collection. He will be flexing his latest men’s sneakers all night long – and we are here for it!


3. Kevin Hart


One of the funniest actors and comedians going around town is Kevin Hart. He is a well-known actor who is best known for his comedic acts and skits within films. Kevin Hart also makes features on talk shows and will work with the host to create funny skits. The entertaining actor loves a good laugh, but he also loves his men’s leather sneaker.


Kevin Hart is known to have a massive shoe collection that will make any guy envious. However, he is a stylish man, and he knows how to create the perfect outfit combination. Kevin Hart can get recognized for his style and class, as well as his love for men’s sneakers, which is why Nike signed with him to create his signature design of Nike shoes.


The hype around Kevin Hart’s Nike air sneaker collection is next level. It is truly a collection to be envious of and aspires to achieve.


4. DJ Khaled


The ever-present catchphrase of DJ Khaled has made its way into his men’s sneakers collection, where he seems to be inclined to buy ‘another one when it comes to shoes. We are not joking when we say that DJ Khaled applies his theory of ‘another one to his men’s sneaker collection quite literally. DJ Khaled is known to have a Nike air max sneaker collection worth up to eight million dollars.


If you are sitting there in shock, then do not worry, we are too! This collection of men’s sneakers that DJ Khaled owns consists of 10,000 pairs of kicks. Can you believe it? This collection would make all heads turn, but it is an excellent motivator for every guy who wants variations of white sneaker collection as extensive as this one.


DJ Khaled might not need his music career much longer with this comprehensive mens court sneaker collection. There would be plenty of interested buyers he could open up his own men’s sneaker store!


5. Chris Brown


If you love men’s sneakers, then you will love Chris Brown’s men’s sneakers collection. His shoe collection will leave you speechless more times than not.


Chris Brown is a well-known R’n’B rapper who has been making music since a very young age. His music career has taken flight and is quite popular all over the world. His music can encourage good vibes all around, which is why so many guys would take inspiration from him.


In particular, guys will take inspiration from his Adidas mens sneakers collection. Thanks to his rise in fame over the years, Chris Brown has become a wealthy celebrity which explains why he has such a high number of shoes in his wardrobe.


Chris Brown owns a variety of brands and exclusive collaborations from over the years (so cool, right?!). His men’ sneaker in white collection is known as one of the most insane collections going around the celebrity hemisphere and, we could not be more intrigued.


Chris Brown prides himself on his prominent men’s canvas sneaker collection. But, he also prides himself on the fact that he wears them rather than just displaying them. The way he manages to do this is by putting his shoes on a rotation throughout the day.


Chris Brown owns over 1000 different pairs of men’s sneakers, so it makes sense that every guy would be envious of his shoe collection – we certainly are!  


Are You Feeling Inspired By Your Favourite Celeb?


If you have been sitting on the fence about starting your own men’s sneakers collection, then now is your chance to make it happen.