5 Tips For Keeping Your Sneakers Clean During Winter!

Keep your men’s sneakers clean this winter with today’s top 5 tips! This season, use our shoe care collection to ensure that your new shoes last longer. 

Our excellent selection of accessories will help keep your men’s essential leather shoes in prime condition, so we’ll tell you all about them in this article. In addition, of course, we have some extra tips for you to consider trying this season so that you can get the most out of your designer brands trainers!

Replace dirty shoelaces with new ones!

Swapping out your frayed shoelaces might seem like a minor change, but it can work wonders to improve the overall look of your mens shoes. Of course, when your trainers get wet, muddy, or otherwise dirty, laces are the trickiest part to clean.

You can go over the material of your mens footwear with an Instant Shine Sponge or other cleaners, but tending to laces is more challenging. Also, if you choose to leave dirty ones in place, then you’ll have to touch your grimy shoelaces every time you want to retie your trainers.

Indeed, we don’t have to tell you that handling dirty, coarse, and stringy laces isn’t a fun experience. There’s also the fact that after a while, you’re going to have trouble doing up your mens shoes if their laces have become too stretched or weak.

Thankfully, ordering replacement laces is oh-so-simple with Spendless Shoes. We have heaps of spare laces in our range of mens accessories in different colours, styles, and lengths. So finding ones that fit your men’s sneakers is effortlessly simple!

Once your spare laces get delivered home, all you need to do is unlace the old ones and throw them out, then loop the new shoelaces into your pair.

Don’t forget about our innersoles!

Remember, keeping your men’s sneakers clean isn’t simply about the outside of your mens shoes. The inside of your trainers will need some consideration and attention too!

Luckily, Spendless Shoes have a few shoe care accessories in mind to help your leather cupsole sneaker stay at their peak. Innersoles and gel inserts are some of our most popular accessories to pair up with men’s athletic shoes.

These gel, fabric, and foam inserts are one-size-fits-all, and you can cut them to match your foot shape easily. Once they’re slid in place inside of men’s leather sneaker, they’ll provide an extra layer of padding and support for your feet.

As you’ll know, any additional cushioning for sports shoes is always beneficial, which is why so many guys go for mens accessories like these. However, there’s another thing about innersoles and inserts that makes them perfect for mens footwear.

Since they provide another barrier between the lining of your trainers and your feet, they’ll protect the material from sweat. Men’s running shoes get made for workouts, sports, and fast-paced or physically demanding activities, which means sweaty feet are always a factor.

The more sweat your cupsole sneaker absorbs, the smellier they’ll get. If your men’s sneakers have innersoles there to absorb the odour, then you can throw them out when they get too stinky and then add a fresh set. You’ll get to enjoy outdoor play with hours of uninterrupted comfort and enjoy better smelling sports shoes.

Use our Instant Shine Sponge to clean your men’s sneakers!

Do you want to treat your trainers to the best shoe care products? Then, add our Instant Shine Sponge to your next order! When your men’s sneakers get dirty or muddy this winter, you’ll be glad to have a Spendless sponge on the job.

Instant Shine works dry, so you won’t need to start cleaning with water, polish, or wax first. Simply uncap the top and scrub your low mens sneakers until you’re satisfied!

Not only will a quick once-over with our sponge keep your trainers looking new, but it will also maintain the quality of the material. If you leave grime on your sports shoes, it will lead to compromised quality over time and increase the risk of your men’s suede sneakers scuffing, splitting, or getting holes.

Grab an Instant Shine Sponge from Spendless, and you’ll never need to experience that!

Choose synthetic men’s sneakers this season!

Did you know that this type of material is the easiest to clean? It’s true! While our leather men’s footwear brands have the benefits of a malleable fit and excellent air circulation, they can be tricky to clean. In contrast, synthetic shoes are easy to wipe off, polish, and spruce up!

You can use any of our cleaning products on these men’s dress shoes, and they’ll look brand new in no time. Their resistance to water damage is also a massive bonus during winter and autumn. So during the colder months, you won’t need to worry about a bit of rain or splashes from puddles messing up your men’s sneakers.

They can take great care of themselves! And, don’t forget— synthetic men’s sneakers will take care of you too! There are many reasons to forgo leather styles and look for synthetic athletic shoes.

First off, they’re affordable vegan-friendly men’s slip on shoes, and that makes them an instant hit with environmentally-conscious shoppers. Secondly, they are durable styles that rarely get scuffed and typically last longer than leather trainers, so you always get your money’s worth of wear out of them.

Thirdly, they come with built-in arch support, shock-absorbing soles, and other comfort features, which means you’ll always feel great when they’re on your feet.

Know when to swap your men’s sneakers for something else!

Our mens sneakers online can handle a lot, but that doesn’t mean they have to go out in rainy weather at all this season. If you’re in the middle of New Zealand’s worst winter weather, then there’s no reason why you can’t wear your favourite rain boots out and about.

Here at Spendless Shoes, we have a fantastic selection of waterproof boots for precisely this type of occasion, and if you substitute them for your favourite brands, you’ll be sparing your trainers from harsh conditions.

Our pull-on rain boots can do the hard yards in wet and muddy conditions and keep your feet dry and warm in the meantime. Of course, if you’re still determined to spend a stormy day in your trainers, then pack them in a bag or leave them in your car until the weather clears up a bit.

You can wait until you are indoors (or somewhere dry) and change into your street styles then. When it’s time to go back outside, swap your trainers out for rain boots. That’s a straightforward solution!

Which method will you choose this season?

We hope you find one of these five tips helpful! Keep your men’s sneakers looking their best with Spendless Shoes.