5 Tips for Selecting a Durable Boys School Shoe!

Do you have a son currently undertaking his primary or secondary education? If you are nodding your head, you are in the right place—every child who is studying needs a durable and comfortable pair of boys’ school shoes. There is no better feeling than enjoying a day of study and play whilst wearing comfortable and durable footwear. If your son needs an upgrade or you feel like he wants to try out a new style of footwear, then you have come to the right place. 


Everyone in New Zealand knows that wearing the right pair of boy’s school shoes is a must-have when studying. Spendless Shoes NZ shop has gathered our top five tips for finding a pair of comfortable and durable boy’s school shoes. 


We hope this guide of helpful tips will lead you to find the right pair of kicks for your son. If you are keen to discover more, keep on reading and please note!


1. Material


The first thing to look for when purchasing a new pair of kids school shoes ​is the material they are made from. This step is necessary as it can determine the length of life of the footwear and if it can withstand some tough love.


We find that wearing a pair of leather boys’ school shoes can have a much longer life. Leather is known for its breathable and durable qualities, so you can easily trust that these kicks will be a strong pair for your son. The downside to these boys’ school shoes is that they are more expensive than others. 


Some families prefer to purchase boy’s school shoes at a more affordable price. For those who need affordable boy’s school shoes, you can turn your head to look at vegan-friendly or synthetic leather kicks. These boy’s school shoes feature the same leather options, including durability and breathability. Both styles are a win-win in our eyes! 


2. Fastening Straps


One of our hot tips on looking for durable boy’s school shoes is to always close checkout the fastening methods. For example, if the pair of kicks you are looking at has self-tie laces, but your son can not tie up laces yet, then these may not be the right pair of footwear for them. 


We recommend investing in the fastening straps: laces, touch-fastening and slip-on kicks. These three methods are perfect for gender boys high school shoes, as long as your son is comfortable with them too. 


There is nothing worse than purchasing a set of boy’s school shoes for your son that he is not happy to wear. However, if your son is always rushing in the mornings or struggles to wake up early, faster checkout, a pair of touch-fastening boy’s school shoes will be a perfect choice. 


This tip also applies to slip-on boys’ school shoes because there is no fussing about when trying to put them on your feet. It is important to choose the correct fastening straps for your son.


3. Groove and Tread


Investing in a pair of durable boy’s school shoes means that they can withstand just about anything that comes their way. This tip could include wet floors and surfaces or uneven footpaths. 


The list could go on, but these are just some examples of why looking at the groove and tread of footwear is a must-do. This type of process will ensure that your son’s pair of boy’s school shoes can keep him safe throughout the day and help him avoid any injuries. 


To check the groove on the footwear like lace-ups, you have to look for the indentations on the sole. If there are plenty of oddly shaped indents and gaps underneath the footwear, then you know they have good grooves. Looking for the perfect amount of tread is also necessary. 


You can trust that a good amount of tread will prevent your son from having any slips or falls during the day. Looking for the right tread involves identifying any large shapes that are circular or hexagonal on the sole. These shapes are how you can tell if the pair of boys’ school shoes have enough tread on them. 


If there are no shapes, you will find that these boys’ school shoes will not protect your son and toddler from any slips and falls. 


4. Thick Soles


Finding a pair of boy’s school shoes with plenty of comfort and durability is not always the easiest task. One tip that can help you look for the right pair of boy’s school shoes is to look at the sole of the footwear. If you can see a thick and padded sole underneath the pair of kicks, then you can trust that these will be comfortable and supportive on your son’s feet. 


On the other hand, if the boy’s school shoes have a thin sole with minimal padding, you can assume that these kicks may not be the most comfortable to wear. 


5. Accessories


Finding a pair of durable boy’s school shoes can be quite the challenge, but there are plenty of ways to make it easier. One of those ways is to check out a few accessories. This look can include backup laces, innersoles, and shine polish. 


You will find that even the most durable pairs of boys’ school shoes end up needing some tender love, support and care from time to time. Accessories can help to keep your son’s boy’s school shoes durable and comfortable for as long as possible. 


Do You Need a New Pair of Durable Boy’s School Shoes? 


We hope that our top five tips for selecting a new pair of durable boy’s school shoes have inspired you to find the perfect pair. If your son needs some new kicks that are sure to last him throughout the entire year, then you come in the right place. Head over to the Spendless New Zealand store website today and get your hands on a fresh pair! 


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