5 Tips To Reduce The Pain Of Wearing High Heels!

It's no surprise that when it comes to wearing women's heels, it can come with a whole lot of pain and suffering. Throbbing toes and weeping blisters are the terrible aftermath of a long night in a pair of heels for many ladies, so it is very important to purchase the right shoes and look after your feet with excellent foot and shoe care when wearing womens heels.


If you are quietly dreading an upcoming event, knowing that you will have to sit out most of the night while many are on the dance floor because of sore feet. Well, lucky for you, we're here to show you five simple tips in reducing the pain of wearing women's heels. 



  •  Purchase Comfortable Low Heels in Australia



The first thing you can do to reduce the pain of wearing women's heels is not purchasing high styles but sticking to low  heel height such as low heel sandal or kitten heel styles . Not only will you be making a huge fashion statement, as kitten styles are the hottest shoe of the season, but you will also be making a world of difference to your precious feet. 


Wearing low women's heels will instantly reduce any pain that your high stilettos heels will normally induce with their small incline. It's just like wearing a comfy pair of low heel or mid heel footwear. 


Head on over to Spendless Shoes to find a pair of kitten heel shoes just waiting for you! 


We have countless styles of kitten heel styles, so whether you are looking for mule  heel or sandal designs, then we have you covered. Our stylish designs and versatile colours will keep you looking as stylish as your stilettos ever did! 


What's great about our kitten styles is that they don't have to be saved for special occasions only. Looking for casual shoes or dressy shoes? These lowmid heels look great when worn with your dressy outfits and your casual weekend wear and, like your trusty mary janes, even make great work shoes. These women's heels are great when you don't quite want to wear a pair of stilettos but still want dress shoes rather than your everyday low heel to mid heel shoe styles. Trust us, kitten heel styles will quickly become your favourite shoe of choice! 


However, there are times when low style women's heels Australia just won't make the cut, and so the time has come to pull out your go-to stiletto heels. 


So to make the experience a little less painful for you, do yourself a favour and follow these simple steps in using Spendless Shoes foot and shoe care accessories to keep your feet in one piece by the end of the night! 





Heel grips will work wonders for ladies who struggle with ill-fitting shoes. Slip either a leather or silicone heel grip into the back of your women's heels in a bid to make ill-fitted shoes fit better. However, the true magic of this product is the fact that it completely takes away any discomfort your women's heels may be causing you. 


These padded additions are built to provide you with an easy and comfortable fit around the heel, so if you are prone to rubbing or blisters on the back of your feet, then this product is the solution you have been looking for! So do yourself a favour and slip a leather or silicone heel grip into the back of your womens of heels and prevent any blisters from forming in the first place.


So when the time comes, and you have to slip into your stilettos heels which cause havoc on your feet, then slip a heel grip into the back of your pump heels to make your next stiletto heels experience a more pleasant and comfortable shoe experience! 





Have you ever been caught out at an outdoor event in your stiletto heel and slowly started sinking into the grass? This has to be something that has happened to all ladies at least once in their lifetimes. Here's a familiar scenario — at an outdoor wedding, someone might have found herself sinking into the grass, or walking unsteadily over gravel, or have had her favorite pair, silver heeled wedding shoes with pointy heels stuck in the timber decking gaps. You've probably been embarrassed about something similar to this at some point! 

So the next time you need to slip into your stiletto heels for women for an outdoor event, and then make sure you are prepared for anything, whatever the outdoor elements throw your way! 

There's nothing worse than sinking into the floor or, even worse, losing your balance and tripping over, so whack on a heel stopper onto the bottom of your heel shoes and give yourself a better balance. This small plastic device is unnoticeable, especially when you are wearing them on the lawn, so don't worry about letting this small accessory ruin your special outfit. 

And what's great about this product is that it also protects your women's heels. These heel stoppers are a shoe care product that avoids letting dirt and grime ruin your favourite pair of party shoes!  





Gel cushions are a great addition to your women's heels, especially when that black leather heels that seem to cause the same foot pain in your feet's arches. The gel padding is extremely supportive and adds a layer of support like a second cushioned sole into your shoes. 


The beauty of this product is that it is unseen and can be slipped into any women's heel, unlike a heel grip that can only be inserted into a shoe with a closed-in shoe back like classic dress shoes or dress shoes with pointed toe heels for women. (By the way, these are also great for girls school shoes or boys school shoes, should you have young ones around!) So if your women's heels or any other pair of black pumps, for that matter, is giving you grief, then slip one of our gel cushions into your leather heels for ultimate comfort. 





Half innersoles work similarly to gel cushions by adding a level of support and cushioning to your womens heels. This product will ensure complete comfort and ease of pressure off of the balls of your feet. 


Our half innersoles work differently from our gel cushions as they have an adhesive base, meaning that you can stick these innersoles into any pair of womens shoe, and you will feel completely comfortable throughout the day. You won't be worrying about any sliding or slipping out of your heel shoes with our half innersoles. These even work great in heeled boots for a steadier sride!


This product is durable and long-lasting, so it will take you right through your event season without needing to be replaced after just one use like many leather heels innersoles are perceived to be.


So the next time you need to pull out your favourite pair of strappy heels or stiletto heels, think about some additional support and avoid blisters and aches that seem to hang around for what feels like weeks after!

So do yourself a favour the next time you are on the hunt for new heels in Australia. Don't forget to add some accessories, foot and shoe care products into your bag too.  


Whatever event requires your presence, jump online, and hit up Spendless Shoes for womens heels online. You just might bag one of our online exclusives! 

At a small cost, you will be doing a world of difference for your feet and take the next step in reducing the pain of wearing heel shoes for women. 

Finally, put an end to your silent discomfort when wearing heel shoes — for good!