5 Ways We're Styling Our Men's Casual Shoes

Fashion and how you dress yourself play a massive role in your day-to-day. While you might not admit you need help boosting your wardrobe choices, you're here on this page because that's what you wish for. 


When you get invitations with specific dress codes, you need guidance on the appropriate clothes and men's casual shoes.


Worry no more, as the team from Spendless New Zealand is here to guide you through five of the most common dress code styles. 


We'll highlight the appropriate men's casual footwear at Spendless New Zealand and the matching clothes in each category.


The Spendless NZ collection of men's casual shoes includes slip-on sneakers, laced sneakers, topsiders or boat footwear, loafers, boots, and garden clogs. 


While varied in appeal and design, these are excellent closet additions. These men's casual footwear are appropriate for different settings, which we will learn about.


Styling and how you present yourself are essential because that's what stays with the people you interact with. 


Their first impression of you usually involves men's casual footwear, which might be why people say you must keep your best foot forward.


Let's dive right in if you're excited to get through each!




A laidback is a relaxed style that you dress every day, whether running errands, having brunch, or spending a calm day with friends and loved ones. 


When you're travelling, the usual design you go for when out sightseeing and exploring covers clothes and men's casual footwear that are laidback.


From the Spendless NZ collection, slip-on sneakers are the best design. These men's casual footwear is the easiest because they do not have fastenings. Once you slip your feet inside, you're ready to go. Why not compare our brand to leading brands like Hush Puppies and Julius Marlow for the entire package?


These men's casual sandals are a favourite for travellers, especially those who go through airport security checks that require shoe removal. More importantly, they only take up a little luggage space and weight.


A laidback design you can pull off is pairing your slip-on men's casual footwear with a dark green collared shirt and blue jeans or khaki chinos—a relaxed, sleek combination.




A business look or design exudes professionalism and will have you looking polished, which is what workplaces usually require their employees to be. 


Whether going to a work meeting, business function, or work conference, you need a pair of men's casual loafers fit for these occasions.


The ideal Spendless NZ design you can wear to these functions is a pair of desert boots or loafers. Your preference for tying laces will influence which men's casual footwear you pick. 


Laced ankle boots add a touch of sophistication to your appearance. And while laces might dissuade you, Spendless NZ has a surprise. The laced boots come with a functional side zipper that secures you within seconds.


The second Spendless NZ option you can consider is a pair of loafers. The slip-on design and woven detail on the sides and upper of these men's casual sandals will motivate you and inspire your colleagues to start looking like you.


Style either option with navy blazers, a well-fitted match of dress pants, and a dress watch to complete the smart outfit. Your oozing confidence will seal the deal!


Preppy, Nautical Boat Shoes


The simplest way to describe a preppy nautical outfit is to think about coastal and maritime aesthetics, which create a fresh and clean appearance—imagine sailors and boaters. 


Usually, guys who are into this design put a lot of stripes on their men's casual sandals.


The best option from the Spendless NZ collection for this styling is topsiders or men's casual boat shoes. The roots of topsiders came from the need to find footwear that could keep sailors and boaters steady while standing on slippery boat decks. 


It explains why men's casual boat shoes are slip-resistant. The footwear's slip-on style and iconic lace-ups around the shoe will keep you looking authentic.


The preppy nautical styling is best for you if you love water (or activities near water), such as beachside parties, yacht rides, and cruise vacations. Wear your men's casual boat shoes with stripes and shorts. 


Other nautical-inspired patterns you can alternate are anchors, ropes, or sailboats. Please note that invisible socks are the way to go when you put on topsiders.


Sporty and Athletic


The sporty and athletic look is inspired by sportswear and activewear, combining comfort and utility to create the perfect pair of shoes for physical activity.


Nowadays, you can wear this look without going to the gym or doing workouts because it's already a new trend.


The best men's casual footwear for this look are laced sneakers. This Spendless NZ option provides new styles, comfort, and adjustability. The laces give you control over how tight you want the fit of your casual shoes to be.


Styling your laced sneakers to achieve a sporty and athletic vibe is a breeze. The core of athletic apparel includes t-shirts, hoodies, sweatpants, and joggers. You can complete the look by wearing a cap.


Bold and Out of the Box


If you're into clothes and men's casual sandals that go against the norm, are unconventional and create a buzz, this styling is for you. 


Being bold and out of the box means you don't bother with the trend and dress in what is comfortable and practical.


Spendless NZ has the perfect casual shoes for this styling: garden clogs. Gone are the days when this option stayed in the garden. 


People realised how convenient these casual shoes are, providing them with slip resistance, breathability, and support. Garden clogs are easy to clean and dry, so we're talking low maintenance. 


And since more guys like these men's casual footwear everywhere, you realise their potential.


Since this vibe is about convenience and practicality, match it with shorts and a shirt. These men's casual shoes scream no frills, so chill in your outfit. 


Boost Your Style with Spendless NZ!


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