5 Ways You Can Restyle Your Winter Boots

Looking for New ways to Wear your boots?


We’ll start by assuming you wear winter boots for casual occasions. Most people wear these styles on weekends with jeans and a t-shirt or with their active attire these days. Still, despite their name, many of our winter boots are trans-seasonal styles which you can wear at any time during the year. A pair from Spendless Shoes can be restyled to suit any aesthetic. Here are five ways to rework yours:


1) Make them dressy


Even though our winter boots are amazingly comfortable and fashionable, some people are hesitant to wear them out to formal occasions instead of their heels. Today, we’re here to change all of that. Our heeled and flat styles can be dressed up for all of your upcoming events and special occasions.  We recommend sticking to the classics and selecting black block-heeled winter boots— these can effortlessly complement any outfit. All you have to do is dress up as usual and add these on at the end.


2) Try them for work


Who says you can’t wear winter boots into your workplace? These shoes are perfect for ladies with active jobs or long work days because of their supreme cosiness and warmth. In settings with a strict dress code, a set of trendy heeled winter boots would be ideal. Your toes will remain covered as per regulations, your shoes will maintain a formal feel, and you’ll be feeling great too! Because of their dynamic styling options, we recommend repurposing a set of ankle-high winter boots for this particular purpose.


3) Wear yours with skirts and dresses


For the most part, people tend to pair these sorts of shoes with pants and shorts. However, winter boots make a fantastic match with skirts and dresses. Adding a set of these to your outfit instead of a set of pumps is a great way to balance the femininity of your look with practicality. Ankle-high winter boots will work well with any clothing types, but we love to see skirts or dress put with calf-high and over-the-knee designs. High-cut winter boots allow you to keep away the cold without piling on layers, and you’ll have more freedom with the length of your hemline because of it. Not to mention, it will be a cute look!


4) Add accessories


Are your winter boots starting to feel tired and predictable? Shake things up with some new accessories! Not only will these complement your attire, but they will also give your ensemble a more planned and put-together feel. So, why wouldn’t you consider getting an accessory in a matching colour or pattern? Whether you have an all-black set or vibrant red winter boots, repeating the look another part of your outfit is an easy but effective way to elevate it. Try a scarf, bag, hat, or clothes that feature a similar pattern to your winter boots. If your style features an animal print, flashy colour, fur-lining, or other fashion elements, you’ll be catching eyes in no time!


5) Add a jacket


Winter boots can get an instant lift with the right coat. This season, we recommend a denim or leather jacket to finish your look. This combination will work beautifully as a casual or formal style, which means less stress and planning for you. Plus, leather and denim are totally on trend! Otherwise, winter boots and a classic trench or long coat would be stylish and timeless too.  


We hope that helps!


Switch up your favourites this season, or buy winter boots from our collection today and enjoy quick and convenient service to New Zealand!