5 Ways You Can Work Boots Into Your Workwear Wardrobe!

integrate your favourite winter boots into Your Wardrobe


If you’re looking for ways to integrate your favourite winter boots into your working wardrobe, then Spendless Shoes can help! We’ve been helping people find their best seasonal shoes for over thirty years now. Now, kick back and relax while we take you through a quick how-to guide for bringing boots into the office. Are you ready? Let’s get to it!


1) Find something with a heel


This tip is oriented more towards working women. If your office requires formal attire, then boots with heels are our recommendation. That way, you can get the same elegant ankle and leg shaping that you would with regular block heels, while also treating yourself to extra coverage and warmth. Once again, you have your pick of an ankle, calf, or thigh-reaching style as well. Instead of sacrificing formality for comfort, you get the best of both worlds! Plus, since our heeled boots have thick block bases, you will have no trouble spending a day in them.


2) Go long with over-the-knee boots


Over-the-knee boots are a fantastic pick for your winter work wardrobe. If you like being able to wear dresses and skirts during the colder months, then a set of these boots are the perfect way to do it! The long length of faux suede fabric will keep your legs from the cold, and eliminate the need for tights or stockings. Not to mention, these boots make a fabulous pairing with your best seasonal coats and jackets.


At Spendless Shoes, you have the choice of a heeled or flat version. Either of these thigh-high boots would look and feel fantastic, so consider how long you spend on your feet during the day to help you decide.


3) Go wild with 2019’s best patterns and prints


There’s no need to justify wearing our patterned boots in the office! The inescapable animal print trend is one you’ve got to get behind this year. This look will add a bold element into your everyday corporate collection instantaneously. Try a fuzzy faux suede style in leopard print and bring out your wild side! Otherwise, icy snakeskin boots are a fast-rising favourite.


Not only will a pair of animal patterned boots make your outfits pop, but finding accessories to match will also be simple! A matching clutch, phone case, or piece of clothing will bring your look together beautifully. Otherwise. Spendless Shoes has some trendy new earrings with a leopard print pattern that could work.


4) Relax with a pull-on design


Who says you can’t grab something casual for your nine-to-five? Chelsea-style boots with elastic side gussets are a premium pick for work wear for women and men. These ankle-high styles fit fast onto your feet, which is an excellent feature if you always end up running late in the morning. We have variations in black and brown, so you’re sure to find something which suits your personal preferences. To wear these boots in the workplace, all you have to do is dress them up with a nice shirt and pants.


5) Put a spin on your average dress shoes


Lastly, and specifically for the gentlemen: grab some leather-look boots for your office. These sophisticated and shiny boots have all the hallmarks of your dressy work shoes, apart from the higher cut. You can afford to keep your work clothes casual in a pair of these, but they’ll also look sharp under a suit.


We hope that helps!


Stay in style and bring the best warmth and comfort of the season to your work range. You’re sure to appreciate our affordable prices. So, why wait? Spend less on your next set of boots at Spendless Shoes.