5 Winter Boots Perfect For every New Zealand Man!

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If you’re looking for the best winter boots in 2019, then you’re in the perfect place. The collection at Spendless Shoes is full of excellent options, but today, we’re here to tell you about five of our top winter boots for New Zealand guys. Each has its strengths and designated settings, so settle in while we get started!


1) Waterproof winter boots


Is there a more fitting pair to open with, considering the season? At Spendless Shoes, our rain-resistant styles will keep your feet dry, your legs warm, and your clothing clean. While it’s always satisfying to squelch through mud or splash in puddles, it’s also a quick way to ruin your shoes. But, with our rubbery winter boots, you can stomp through whatever you like without a worry in the world. When your waterproof styles get dirty, all that you have to do is spray them down or wipe them off. Plus, they make a great pair to wear out in the garden or yard anytime!


2) Slip on some snuggly slippers


After an arduous day out in the cold New Zealand weather, these winter boots will be a welcome change. Our slippers and indoor styles vary from ankle-high to calf-length, but they are all just as plush and cosy. When your toes start getting frosty, tuck them into your winter boots and enjoy the fluffy inner lining. These are the perfect pair to wear around the house, on the couch, or even while you’re chilling on your bed. Treat yourself to superior comfort this season with these special winter boots.


3) Pull-on designs


Winter boots in this look come with elastic side panels and a fast slip-on fit. These make an excellent pair of shoes any day, particularly with your favourite jeans and a jacket in a matching colour. The stretchy gussets adapt to fit your foot shape, so they’ll be a fantastic match for guys with wide feet. The glossy leather-look finish also makes pull-on winter boots a suitable formal style. If you have a smart-casual event coming up, try a couple of these with skinny jeans or fitted pants and a collared shirt.


4) Lace-up winter boots


These sleek shoes will be a sophisticated and weather-appropriate pair for parties, dinners, work functions, and weddings. Our lace-up designs are the skinniest and most streamlined of our winter boots and closely resemble dress shoes. We love seeing these paired with suits and other formal attire. From our collection, you can choose either a black or tan variation this season. Guys who love classic winter boots will find our black designs an easy pick, while anyone who likes changing things up with a modern favourite will have fun in tan.


5) Styles to wear to work


Our hard-wearing work shoes are another pinnacle set of winter boots. If you work a trade, on construction sites, with electrical hazards, or around heavy objects and machinery, then sturdy shoes are probably part of your uniform. When it comes to winter boots to wear in these settings, you need to get something comfortable that has decent coverage from the elements. At Spendless Shoes, our steel-capped styles fit the bill. Take home a pull-on design or winter boots with a laced upper today!


Enjoy winter boots from Spendless Shoes this year!


When you shop at our stores, you have your pick of the best look of 2019 and all of our classic designs. Hopefully, this quick guide has helped get you to think about what sort of winter boots are missing from your shelves and which ones you should be buying soon. Browse our New Zealand range online today— delivery is quick and convenient!