A Guide To Buying The Perfect Girls’ School Shoe!

Do you want to know how to buy the perfect girls’ school shoes in 2021? Most parents can figure out the basics, and returning shoppers will already know the usual guiding tips.


Instead of focusing on which fastenings you should look for, or what type of material will work best for your daughter, we want to look at some different tips for girls’ school shoes.


So, if you want to discover new ways to keep your kids content with their latest pair, then continue reading!


Get your daughter to help you pick her new girls’ primary school shoes!


There are a few different reasons for this, so please bear with us while we explain. For starters, giving your child a say in the girls’ school shoes they’ll get to wear is an easy way to soothe fussy kids. If your daughter is picky about her slip resistant footwear, then giving her a say in what design she’ll be wearing should help you avoid picking a pair she doesn’t like.


Considering how much time students spend in kids shoes throughout the year, it’s perfectly reasonable for them to have strong opinions about what their footwear looks like. Whether you’re buying casual shoes or dress shoes for kids, or a teenager, this is something to keep in mind.


Older students tend to get bored of wearing the same types of girls’ junior school shoes after a few years, and, naturally, they might want to shake things up.


Here at Spendless, we have a vast array of typical classroom styles, but we also have alternative pairs: our mary jane shoes.


Mary jane school shoes are closed-toed designs, so your child’s dress code shouldn’t have anything against girls’ school shoes with this aesthetic.


Mary janes also have fun features like extra-glossy material and geometric cut-outs. They’re still as supportive and comfortable as traditional girls’ school shoes. Still, those minor differences can go a long way to making your daughter feel like she's wearing fashionable womens shoes.


So, what’s the best way to go about this? Here at Spendless, we recommend that you go through our website first and establish a shortlist of potential kids shoes. You can use the search filters on the sides to get designs in the size and price you want for your child.


Once you’ve narrowed down the options to girls’ school shoes that you’re happy with, get your daughter to have a look and make the final selection. It will be easy for everyone, and you can use the same trick when you’re shopping for sport shoes too!


Make sure that your girls’ school shoes are the right fit!


We appreciate that picking the right size can be challenging for customers who shop online, which is why we’ve done our best to take the stress out of the process. That’s why Spendless has easy-to-access size guide charts for perfect fitting men's, womens shoes, and kids school shoes.


Our size guides are super handy and make finding the ideal fit straightforward for our online shoppers, whether they’re browsing for school shoes for girls or any other designs. You can use the charts to compare UK, EU, and US measurements.


As long as you know your child’s fit in one of those types of sizes, you’ll be able to figure out their Spendless equivalent. Once your order arrives home, make sure you test the fit of your girls’ lace up school shoe right away. Have your daughter put on her uniforms socks/stockings with her new footwear, and then perform a simple fit check from there.


 If you don’t know how to test the fit of your girls’ leather school shoes, then quickly consult one of our other handy articles— we’ve got plenty that can walk you through the steps! In the worst-case scenario, you’ve ordered the wrong size for your child.


But don’t worry— sorting out a replacement is no issue once you get in contact with the Spendless team! You’ll need to fill out the form on our website to organise a refund or exchange, and then send the school shoes for girls back to us via registered post.


From there, we’ll either issue a full refund or organise your next order at once. Whichever way you want to go to get a perfect size — even extra wide for your shoes online you can trust Spendless to look after you!


Add some accessories to your next order of girls’ or boys school shoes!


For starters, grabbing some handy add-ons is an easy way to get your order over the threshold for our free shipping service.


Regularly, we offer a flat rate of $10 for express shipping to New Zealand, so you can always trust that your order of girls’ lace ups school shoes is coming to you quickly. But, if you don’t want to pay extra for shipping (and honestly, who does?), then you need to spend over $40 to be eligible for free express delivery.


If you’re only buying a single set of girls’ brown school shoes or black leather school shoes, it’s unlikely that you’ll meet that mark, and a few extra accessories are worth the extra dollars. Our value packs of crew socks are a popular pick for student orders, and so are spare laces.


You’ll be glad to have an extra set of socks or laces with your girls’ brown school shoes or black school shoes. If there are any mishaps during the semester, then you won’t need to do a special shopping trip to get replacement junior school shoes; they’ll be right there in storage where you left them, ready to go!


Along with those sorts of items, you’ll also find cleaning products and foot care accessories in the Spendless online store. Our gel, fabric, and foam innersoles are the perfect way to add extra support to your kids school shoes. 


If they have sensitive feet or need extra cushioning, then inserts are a must-have! Finally, we have the Instant Shine Sponge to keep your girls’ school shoes in A+ condition. Uncap this dry-working sponge, give the material a quick scrub, and your child’s pair will look shiny and new in no time!


We hope that you’ve found this helpful!


For more excellent tips about girls’ school shoes online (and boys’ styles too!) and a peek at our online exclusives, have a browse of our other handy articles. There’s a whole wealth of information at your disposal! Otherwise, don’t delay your next shopping trip any longer than you need to; if your daughter needs a bigger or better set of girls’ school shoes, then get to it.


You know what you need to do — check out our womens new arrivals, ms new arrivals, and kids new arrivals. At Spendless Shoes, we are always here to help!