A Guide To Finding Comfortable Boy's School Shoes

Shopping for kids can be hard! To save you time from heading in and out of stores, head straight into Spendless Shoes and find every style of boys' school shoes. Find exactly what you are looking for right here. 

Spendless is your one-stop shop to get the classroom ready! 


What Are You Looking For? 


Classic leather black boy's school shoes, lace-ups, touch-fastening straps, sneakers? Whatever it is you are looking for, Spendless Shoes have you sorted! So come in-store and check out our range of boys' school shoes today. 


Whether your little guy is starting primary school for the very first time, or you're dragging your teenager out of bed every morning, whatever the age Spendless has the right fit for your sons! 


Skip the lines and frantic shopping, and make your way to us. We have exactly what you are looking for in boys' school shoes! 


Shopping For Your Little Guys 


If your son is looking forward to his first day, we are sure you want to make sure he is dressed his absolute best! We know how daunting it is leaving your little ones for the first time, and you don't want to add any pressure on him with issues with his new uniform. 


Naturally, you want to ensure he is comfortable and not fiddling with the fit or laces of his new boy's school shoes, so you've made the right decision to come to us! When they are in secondary level education, these are also suitable for their high school shoes. Boys will like to wear it for its comfort and style.


Game Changer for Boy's School Shoes 


In our opinion, touch-fastening straps are an alternative to laces and are an absolute game-changer. Even though they have been around for a long time, they will truly save your life every morning as you make your family morning scramble out the door. 


Quickly throw your boy's black school shoes on, pull the touch-fastening tab across, secure and GO! This will save you so much time if you're getting multiple children ready in the mornings, and most kids will be confident in doing it themselves anyway. Bonus! 


Your son will be the smartest-looking kid in the classroom in our touch-fastening boy's school shoes. Our classic leather styles are perfect for the classroom and playground; our boy's school shoes are all made with comfort and practicality in mind. 


We know how much your little ones run around in the playground and sit down in the classroom, so our boy's school shoes are made to support and keep your kids comfortable all day long. Your kids will appreciate the flexible, supportive, soft soles underneath their feet. 


Our touch-fastening straps come in black leather and white sports sneaker styles, so prepare your son for any day of the week and take advantage of our affordable boy's school shoes. 


Our boy's school shoes with touch-fastening straps are great for kids who are just starting. Feel assured knowing your little one won't be forever asking the teacher for help retying his laces. 


There's nothing to worry about; you've left your son in great hands, and Spendless is here to support and guide (quite literally) your little one through every step of the way. So add these shoes to your shopping cart and continue shopping with us!


Transitioning From Touch Fastening Straps To Laces?


Is your son in a transition phase? Is he not quite young enough for touch-fastening straps anymore, and do you think it's time to transition into laces? No problem, we have the perfect boy's school shoes for you. 


We have a large range of lace-up boy's school shoes in glossy leather and non-leather finishes, with easily adjustable laces and flexible soft soles for premium comfort. The stroke width of the soles is thick and sturdy, perfect for the quality of shoes you're looking for.


 Your son/s will continue to feel comfortable and supported throughout the day; the only change he will feel is the lace-up design. 


Change doesn't come easy, so transition with ease, our lace-up boy's school shoes are a perfect transition! So take this as a sign to invest in these shoes at an affordable price here at our brand's shop.


Our lace-up boy's school shoes are supportive and long-wearing to wear all week comfortably. We know how active young men are at this age and how important it is to ensure their feet are protected and supported throughout the day, so leave it to us to show you our great range of lace-up school shoes. 


Our lace-up boy's school shoes will have your sons looking sharp and feeling comfortable all week long! 


Still Not Convinced To Come In-Store? 


Ok, we get it. Dragging your son to the shopping centre to pick out a new pair of boy's school shoes is the last thing you want to do! But Spendless Shoes have made the process easier for you. Shop online! 

Trust us for your top online and on-site shopping, and let our brand shop be one of your top brands, for we have these strategic marketing communications to reach our customers' needs.

Shop Online 


We also know how difficult it can be to buy the right size because your kid's feet grow so quickly, but we've thought of this too. So to take the hard work out of size guessing, use our size guide to help you find the right fit from the comfort of your own home! Our size guides will show you sizing for pre-walkers or babies, toddlers, children up to juniors and preteens. 


Finding the perfect fit has never been easier! You can find the sizes in the UK, US, and EU cm. For a quick view, when you're browsing your shoes, sizes are available in the clear filters on the left side of the page once you click a category. You can search by the categories, filters, or in the search bar.


By creating an account with our store, you will receive many benefits, such as moving through the checkout process faster, storing multiple shipping addresses, viewing and tracking your orders and order number in your account, and more.


As we said, we've done all the hard work for you, so all you need to do is find the boy's school shoes you are after, check out our online size guide and go ahead and click add to bag! 


Affordable Prices 


We know how quickly your kids grow, and we are sure that you are constantly finding yourself buying new boys' school shoes, so why spend big dollars on boys' school shoes that they may only get a few terms out of? 


Come into Spendless for year-round affordable prices on boys' school shoes! We are sure you will find the right boy's school shoes to suit any budget. So feel free to fill in your shopping cart with our shoes so you'll have options to pair with your next outfit.


But if you still find yourself strapped for cash, we also offer flexible payment options like Afterpay and Zip. So have the flexibility to pay off your purchase as quickly or slowly as possible. 


Spendless Shoes has kept every shopper in mind, so don't put it off any longer. Come in-store today and purchase your boy's school shoes today!