A Parents' Guide to Selecting Kids' School Shoes for Every Stage

Life as a parent is a non-stop adventure, and once your child starts school, the list of responsibilities keeps growing. The to-do list seems never-ending, from attending school functions to packing lunches and worrying about their well-being. Amidst all this, one crucial decision is choosing the perfect pair of kids' school shoes for your child. 

The right kids' school shoes play a significant role in your child's learning experience, and searching for the ideal pair can seem daunting. To simplify this process, Spendless New Zealand has put together a handy guide to help parents navigate the world of kids' school shoes. 

With a range of options designed to cater to every student's needs, Spendless NZ has become a go-to choice for parents looking for quality and reliability. With Spendless NZ kids' schools shoes, your child's academic journey is a breeze. 

As for parents, these steps help ease your burden, especially since you will do this twice or more than that in a year. The brand's collection of kids' school shoes made first-time customers return when their child needed a new pair. It's one less thing for parents to worry about, so let's make shopping for kids' school shoes an experience you and your child will look forward to!


Step 1—Involve Your Child


Whether it's your child's first time wearing kids' school shoes or their last year in high school, getting them involved in the process is essential. Explain to them the importance of having excellent academic footwear. After all, they will be wearing the shoes, so it's crucial they like the style and find them comfortable. 

The right fit is critical for their comfort, so taking your child with you when shopping allows them to try different pairs and share their thoughts. They can tell you if anything hurts or if the footwear doesn't fit well. It's also an opportunity to express their style, which can change as they grow. The kids' school shoes they loved previously might be different from the ones they want next time. Make sure to choose a pair they are excited to wear daily so that everything is easy, and they will willingly care for the kids' school shoes. Doing this together can get you closer and make the experience more fun and rewarding. 


Step 2—Take Their Accurate Size


Finding the correct kids' school shoes for your child is crucial for their performance and comfort throughout the day. If the footwear doesn't fit right, they may feel uncomfortable and distracted. It's essential to ensure that the shoes fit well and allow for natural movement.

To find the ideal option for your child, start by getting an accurate measurement of their feet. Remember that it's best to measure their feet when they are at their maximum size at the end of the day. You should measure the length and width of each foot separately to ensure a perfect fit. If you find this task challenging, you can seek help from professionals such as podiatrists or trained in-store staff who can recommend the best school shoes for your child's foot type. 

When purchasing academic footwear, avoid buying a size that is too big, as this can cause discomfort and instability for your child. There should be a small gap of about 1 cm between the longest toe and the front of the shoe to allow for growth. Once the toe reaches the front of the shoe, it's time to replace the footwear with a new pair. Children go through various developments at every stage, so ensure you keep track of the changes in your child to keep them cosy throughout their learning experience.


Step 3—Know the Necessary Features


Picking the right kids' school shoes for your child might feel like a chore, but it's vital for their performance in the classroom and on the playground. As your child grows, their needs and skills evolve, so you must choose academic footwear that can keep up. To ensure the students have the support they need, consider the necessary features in their footwear. Here are some of the essential ones:


Grooved Soles 

Look for kids' school shoes with treads on the soles, which offer excellent traction on different surfaces. Whether on soft, wet, or uneven terrain, these treads help the child stay stable and avoid slipping or accidents. To check for this feature, flip the footwear over and look for various patterns on the soles. These grooves create friction, keeping your child safe and sound as they navigate their day.


Adjustable Fastenings

Fastenings or closures on kids' school shoes are essential to keep them from accidentally slipping off. Beyond security, these fastenings also allow for a customised fit, so your child can adjust them as needed. Usual fastening options include touch-fastening straps, buckles, and laces. Deciding which one to choose depends on your child's ability to open and close them independently. Generally, touch-fastening straps are suitable for younger children, while older students may prefer the more advanced buckles or laces.


Spacious Toe Rooms

Choose kids' school shoes with plenty of room for your child's toes to spread naturally. Spacious toe rooms improve balance and stability and support proper foot development. Look for academic footwear with round or square toes to ensure that your child's toes have enough space while avoiding pointy or tight shapes, which will keep their toes from blistering or feeling uncomfortable.


Step 4—Shop Kids' School Shoes at Spendless NZ


Spendless NZ is the ultimate destination for children and parents! It understands the children's needs and makes the shoe-shopping process easy for parents. Finding the ideal pair is simple and convenient, with an easy-to-navigate online store offering detailed descriptions, various sizes, and affordable price ranges. Plus, the option to pay in instalments allows parents to stay within budget while ensuring their kids have top-quality kid's school shoes. 

Shop at Spendless NZ and make shoe shopping a fun and stress-free experience for all. Remember to get socks to complete their uniform!

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