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New Zealand is famous for its scenic outdoors, inspiring people to live an active lifestyle. Come on, who wouldn't want to explore such a beautiful country? However, activities require you to be on your feet.


If you're looking for women's casual shoes, Spendless Shoes has you covered. Shoes are essential to any complete outfit and can even make or break it. Spendless NZ knows it, so we offer a high volume of quality, comfortable casual shoes that perfectly pair with any outfit and any season.


Whether you're going for a walk along the beach in summer or need something more casual featuring flats, wedges, boots, sneakers, and sandals, our online range of women's casual shoes has something perfect for you. Is your shopping bag empty? Head to our brands' shop and choose your favourite ones that rank from brand a to brand z. You will find everything you are looking for at Spendless!


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Wearing women's casual shoes is the only way to stay comfortable when you walk, stand, and run a lot. Changing seasons is not an excuse to alter your lifestyle because, with footwear from Spendless NZ, you're ready for every season. With our wide range of styles and colours, you can use clear filters to choose your first purchase from your favourite brands and be the first to hear of new arrivals.


So what are you waiting for? Please browse our range of comfy casual shoes today and be ready for any season and occasion. From sunny, warm, wet, and cold, the stylish collection of women's casual shoes will keep you living your best! Visit any store nationwide.


Want to flaunt your sexy feet with strappy sandals in Queenstown during summer? Check.


Do you hate wet toes and socks during winter in Wellington and choose boots? Check.


Running around Christchurch in sneakers as you finish all your errands in spring? Check.


Have you loved having Auckland coffee brunches with friends in wedges during autumn? Check.


Spendless NZ carries a collection of stylish and versatile women's casual shoes that meet all the criteria. New Zealand ladies are wise and practical spenders, so choosing footwear that gives you the most bang for your buck is a must. So buy any women's casual shoes from Spendless NZ, and you will get your money's worth.


Like other brands like Hush Puppies, Jane Debster, and Skechers, these shoes are best for any occasion and work well on your feet. We made your life easier by curating a list of our women's casual shoes that will prepare you for the country's different seasons.


Style 1 - Wedges


Keep an eye on one of our prettiest women's casual shoes, the wedges. Wedges are like sandals except in height. The good thing about wedges is that women can strut with the height of heeled footwear without the unstableness of traditional heels.


These casual shoes for women pay attention to the arch, a part of the foot we often forget about. It supports the whole foot and distributes your weight evenly across the sole. Do you love spending time with friends and family over brunches and picnics?


If so, you are in for a treat because these women's casual shoes are perfect. Our team at Spendless NZ compiled reasons to consider choosing these women's casual shoes:


  1. They keep you secure while giving you height. Unlike when wearing high heels, you don't have to worry about falling forward or losing your balance.


  1. They give your feet extra stability. With more surface area under the feet, wedges lessen pressure on the balls of your feet.


  1. These women's casual shoes are versatile and practical. They go with everything you own, and you can wear them to various events. Hey, they are ideal for outdoor weddings in gardens!


These women's casual shoes are available in different colours to match your outfit and mood. Spendless NZ has wedges in these colours: black, gold, grey, natural, silver, tan, and white.


Style 2 - Sandals 


Spendless NZ has a wide range of sandals for all summer events.

On a sunny summer day, these women's casual shoes are perfect for going to the beach, picnics, and running errands. This footwear is one of our most popular because:


  1. There are no restrictions on your toes because the sandals are open.


  1. These women's casual shoes are breathable, so moisture can escape. We sweat more on hotter days, so this characteristic is significant.


  1. The sandals are lightweight. They give you a barely-there feeling but protect you from stepping on sharp objects.


  1. These women's casual shoes are ideal for travel because they are easy to pack and don't take up much space in the luggage.


  1. Their no-lace style makes sandals easy to take on and off, especially if you're in a hurry.


All our sandals are pleasing to the eyes and come in 16 different colours! What a range, huh? These colours include black, blue, brown, gold, green, leopard, natural, orange, pewter, pink, red, rose gold, silver, tan, vanilla, and white.


There's no denying that these casual shoes for women have become increasingly popular over the years.


There's no denying that these casual shoes for women have become more and more popular over the years. We bet you know at least one or two sneakerheads whose shoe collection is enviable! These women's casual shoes rule the world with all their hues, materials, and styles!


They are so in style, especially the white ones, that we've seen brides and grooms wear one on their wedding day. Spendless NZ has them in the following colours: black, blue, grey, natural, pink, purple, red, tan, and white. They are perfect for all your outfits as you run around doing your errands.


Spendless NZ has three sneaker categories: walking, trainers, and sports luxe, which all serve their purpose. Here are some reasons why sneakers are frontrunners in the category of women's casual shoes:


  1. They are versatile and ideal for any occasion. As we said, these are perfect for weddings.


  1. People express themselves through their sneakers. Choose the style and category that fit your lifestyle.


  1. The comfort of these women's casual shoes is paramount. They cushion your feet and absorb shocks, preventing injuries to your knees and ankles. Sneakers are worn best with socks, so add a pair from our socks and laces page before checkout. We also have laces in case you want an extra pair.


 Style 4 - Boots 


In New Zealand, winter can get chilly and wet, so it's best to invest in boots or a pair of women's casual shoes that provide women with more skin coverage. It is the perfect footwear for winter, when our feet need protection from the cold.


However, keep boots as winter footwear only since you can still wear these women's casual shoes during other seasons. From hikes to house chores, boots protect your feet. Spendless NZ has three kinds of these women's casual shoes: ankle, long, and knee-high.


These three differ in how much leg skin they cover. Ankle boots reach the ankle, where your foot and lower calf meet. Long boots, meanwhile, are women's casual shoes that go above the ankles and below the knees.


Lastly, knee-high boots, from the name itself, rise to the knee or slightly under or over. These women's casual shoes come in seven colours. Spendless NZ has them in black, brown, natural, red, tan, vanilla, and white.


Any colour you choose can complement your outfit and make it look better. As soon as you see these women's casual shoes, you will understand why they are among our best-selling items.


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