Affordable Flats You Won’t Want To Take Off!

fashionable flats at affordable prices!


At Spendless Shoes, our affordable prices will help you get fashionable flats at the lowest costs. After all, keeping up with the best looks of the season should never cause your wallet distress! Even without our flexible payment options and promotions, you’d still appreciate the prices in our collection. So, what sort of flats are on your shopping list? If you’re not sure, read on for a taste of our styles:


Be content with our casual collection


Our classic leather-look slides will make every season feel like summer! In 2019, we love seeing sandals with a single thick band and little peep-toe. Looks with crossover straps or dual top bands are also an instant favourite. Since these flats mainly come black and tan, they’re incredibly easy to match with bold patterns or prints too! With their flexible fit and lightly padded soles, you can go from dawn until dusk in these flats and never get sore feet.


Treat yourself with our most comfortable flats!


Combine style and functionality with sneakers, trainers, and slip-on shoes! These are the sportiest of our flats and a prime pick for anyone who likes spending the weekend in their active gear. Whether you’re headed off the gym or want to run errands, our comfort flats are the best choice!


Sneakers have the toughest tread in this range, so anyone with a workout planned should be grabbing some of these. Trainers are the mid-level option; they’re light, have a slimmer fit, and are the trendier option this year. Finally, our lightweight pull-on flats have material with the best airflow, supportive cushioning in their soles, and a diverse set of colour options. If you want to sneak some trendy lilac or beige into your active footwear, then these flats will do the trick.


What about flats for work?


Our ballet flats are an excellent pair for corporate settings and are the dressiest option down from heels. Pick the proper pair of these and put them with different outfits over and over again. Whether you wear skirts, dresses, pants, or shorts in the office, our ballet flats can get styled with ease. Instead of working your entire ensembles around your footwear the way you might with an extravagant style, these subtle shoes can be a flexible final choice.


Leather-look loafers could also be an excellent match for you! Like the previous shoes, these flats slide straight on and off of your feet. Simplicity is the hallmark of our work loafers, with their glossy finish and metallic toe bar feature. For a smart and formal combination, try our loafers with dark work pants and a blazer. You’ll look great and get to enjoy a cosy fit at the same time.


How could we forget slippers?


We figured these deserved a place on our guide of flats, especially since we’re heading towards a frosty winter. When you get these warm and soft shoes onto your feet, you’ll never want to take them off again! Where slipper boots can be hard to sit in bed with or go under a blanket on the couch, our plush flats have no problems.


Spendless Shoes has marvellous options for men and women, but we suggest getting flats with woolly or fluffy lining for additional cosiness. This extra padding will also protect your feet from the cold! We have all sorts of colours and variations you can make your selection from, so your ideal slippers are sure to be on our shelves!


Which ones will you be taking home?


For a look at our full collection, browse the range at Spendless Shoes online anytime. Delivery to New Zealand is fast, so we’ll have your flats on the doorstep soon!