Affordable Hiking Shoes Suitable For The Milford Track? Spendless Shoes Have You Covered!

Affordable Mens Hiking Shoes

At Spendless, we have the best men's hiking shoes to tackle the New Zealand landscape! If you've been prepping for a trip across the Milford Track, then we have just what you need to make the most of it. Our line of men's hiking shoes will be the perfect fit for the intrepid outdoorsman!

Durable and affordable

Who says men's hiking shoes have to cost an arm and a leg? Our line of fantastic, affordable boots will keep you safe and sure out on the tracks! With lace-up designs for changeable comfort, durable tread for traction, breathable mesh, ankle support, and sturdy synthetic material to safeguard against the elements, our men's hiking shoes have everything you could want.

If you want to make sure that there are no surprises the first time you take them out on an adventure, then we have some tips and tricks for breaking-in men's hiking shoes beforehand!

Remember to break them in

While we love the sturdy design of men's hiking shoes, the actual wear may adjust!

Be sure you wear your men's hiking shoes in a bit. Most people recommend going this as far as two weeks in advance. If you have the opportunity and the courage to, switch out your regular pair for men's hiking shoes, and go about your week as usual. You should start to bring out a bit more of the sole flex, while also training your feet for them.

If this is not a palpable option for you, then roaming around the house or out in the yard in men's hiking shoes could do the trick as well. You should aim to do this during the evening, as your feet will be slightly bigger than they would be in the morning, a good representation of the size they will be after a busy day trekking out on the Milford Track!

If you are new to men's hiking shoes, then be prepared for some blisters. Tough it out and cover them with some band-aids. Keep going. Your feet and your men's hiking shoes will thank you for it later.

How to get the best fit

It's crucial to get the right size of men's hiking shoes, as it can have a significant impact on both your comfort and your experience. Tight men's hiking shoes are a quick way to aches, pains, fatigue and general dissatisfaction.

So when it comes to picking the right fit, it's always the safer option to go a size larger in men's hiking shoes than your regular boots. Most people tend to wear thick thermal or woollen socks anyway, which can help fill some of the space comfortably. In cold or wet weather, this extra space will also make it possible to add on another layer— if you have comfy feet but cold toes, it can be just as annoying as an ill-fit.

Try some add-ins

Innersoles and other comfort aids are also a popular option, as they reduce the depth of your men's hiking shoes while also offering an additional layer of padding and support. At Spendless, our variations include the gel innersole, comfort foam innersole, and supreme innersole. You can cut these down to size for your perfect fit too!

And finally

New Zealand weather is prone to change without warning, and there are streams along the Milford Track that can flood the track after rain. Men's hiking shoes from Spendless are built to handle rain or shine, but we still recommend giving them a once-over with some waterproofing spray!

Ready for your trip?

Get men's hiking shoes from Spendless today to gear up for your next adventure!