Affordable School Shoes Perfect For The 2021 School Year!

Make Spendless your first stop for kids' school shoes in 2021! Our exceptional range and affordable prices are sure to win you over. 

No one can beat Spendless' traditional kids' school shoes!

We'd love to see anyone try and one-up our superb collection! For starters, we've got sizes to fit students of all ages. Our smallest kids' school shoes will fit teeny toddlers, and the biggest pairs are suitable for fully-grown adults, so we'll have a set for every year your child is in the classroom. Better still, there are no awkward size gaps between our range of kids' school shoes and adult pairs; instead, we link the largest children's pair with the smallest grown-up styles. Your teenager won't be caught between sizing sections at Spendless! 

Secondly, we've got designs that can suit anyone's taste! Are you looking for traditional kids' school shoes? Spendless has glossy, round-toed, and sleek styles that are an instant match with uniforms. Would your children like a trendy set of kids' school shoes? Our Mary-Jane sandals or sleek trainers will do the trick, and they're the kind of styles that children will want to wear casually too! There's no way you can look through our kids' school shoes and not find something to suit your child! Thirdly, we have both leather and synthetic designs. Do you want to find kids' school shoes in a particular material?

You'll always know what type of material you're looking at. We adhere to strict procedures for the ethical sourcing of both our leather school shoes and vegan-friendly synthetic styles. For our online offerings, we make sure that our shoes are properly labeled considering the difference is so subtle. Plus, the price difference between designs is practically non-existent, so this won't need to be a factor in your decision. We could go on forever about all of the traditional kids' school shoes in our collection, so it might be best if you simply take our word for it! Otherwise, we invite you to have a good look at our range. 

Your child will need some sneakers or trainers!

Along with regular uniform pairs, your children will also need kids athletic shoes to wear to PE classes. Sporty footwear such as lace up sneakers is essential for fitness classes, afternoon club activities, and athletic competitions on the weekends too. Like our ordinary kids shoes, sneakers come as touch-fastening or lace up shoes.

Start off by selecting the pair that is appropriate for your child's age. You can keep them secure doing playtime, sports games, and other action-packed activities. Do you know what colours we have available for cross training and lace ups sneakers? Spendless has heaps — even ones that can double up as womens casual and mens casual shoes! So be sure to check the womens new arrivals and mens new arrivals sections. Black black and all-white sneakers are a favourite for students who must follow strict rules about kids school shoes. Be sure that you double-check the dress code for your child before buying anything! 

The last thing you want is to purchase a pair of trendy junior kids school shoes that fit your child flawlessly since it is a slightly wide fit  (and at a bargain price). Then you find out that your child's teachers won't allow them. In this day and age, administrations don't tend to be tough on sportswear, but it's best to know before you start buying! If all is well on that front, then your children have colourful Spendless cross training sports shoes to choose from too! These vibrant sneakers will add a fun feel to any uniform, and they'll be a great pair for weekends and holidays too! 

Are you shopping for a working teenager? Non-slip styles are their ideal kids' school shoes!

Since our regular designs run from the children's section to the adult range, most parents are content to keep buying the same children's styles as they enter their teen years. There's nothing wrong with that approach, and we understand why you would want to keep rebuying a trusty pair of youth kids' lace up school shoe. 

However, if senior girls and boys have started looking for a part-time job or need some new work-ready footwear, then our safety styles are a hot option! Here at Spendless, we have a curated collection of excellent non-slip designs in kids black black leather that can double as kids' school shoes. With their rounded toes, glossy finish, and kids lace up style, they're practically identical to your child's typical classroom pair. 

So, what sets our safety styles apart from traditional girls' school shoes? Slip-resistant designs come with a host of unique safety features, including non-slip soles, padded innersoles, arch support, heel impact cushioning. 

As such, they're the ideal kids' school shoes for teens with a long day of lessons followed by busy work shifts in the evening. Since most people looking for these styles get employed in the retail, hospitality, aged-care industry, or somewhere similar, we also outfit these with oil and water-resistant outsoles and commercial-grade non-marking material. Our hardwearing kids' brown school shoes in ankle boots style and mary janes shoes for girls can keep up with a teen's hectic schedule! 

Spendless is the place to shop even for junior black school shoes that feel like comfortable sandals. But we always think about parents who are on a budget!

If you're on the hunt for excellent kids' school shoes at prices that won't break the bank, then we're the ones to visit! Whether you want leather or synthetic designs for your children, they're always available at an affordable price. You can buy a set of black school shoes, a new pair of dress shoes or lace up sneakers, and some kids socks from our accessories range without spending $100.


Are you purchasing new styles for more than one child? Well, you'll love Spendless' low-cost designs! Were you aware that you could buy not just kids mary jane school shoes  for junior girls and a lace up school shoe style for boys school shoes from our collection using your Afterpay or Zip account? (And don't forget mens shoes and womens shoes for the parents as well!) Splitting up your order's cost is an easy way to buy what you need for your children without breaking your weekly budget.

If your children suddenly outgrow their junior kids' black school shoes, you'll need to replace them as soon as possible, but it might not be the most convenient time. Got bills or other crucial expenses, or need to wait for your next payday? You can use a delayed payment option. It's a fantastic idea! You'll have time to pay back those small instalments, and your children will get their new pair in no time. 

Do you want the most affordable kids' school shoes? Check out the kids new arrivals for 2021!

Well, it's time that you stopped in at Spendless! Use our shoes online store search filter to see your closest shop. Our friendly team would love to help your children get fitted into a new set of kids school shoes. Otherwise, we know that you'll love shopping for shoes online with us — kids shoes that look and feel like popular brands but at affordable prices!

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