Are Black Sneakers Still on Trend for Men?

With all of the ever-changing trends in the fashion world, it can be hard to keep up to date with everything. This is especially so for males, as guys tend to wear any mens shoes that they see fit. However, for the more fashion-focused guys, keeping up to date with all trends is necessary.


If you find yourself feeling a little confused or unsure about what trends are currently in fashion, then you have come to the right place. The question on every guy’s mind is, “are sneakers in black still on-trend?”. If you have been unsure about this trend for a while now, then do not fear.


We have gathered all of the on-trend design sneakers that can be fashionable all year long. If we want to get technical with this topic, all-black men’s sneakers are a trend that never dies, so guys, you are in luck! Gather some inspiration from our selection of on-trend black men’s sneakers below.


Your next pair of black men’s sneakers will be your new favourite investment.


Touch-fastening Kicks!


The all-black men’s sneakers that are always popular for your everyday casual wear are the touch-fastening kicks. This style of mens shoes can come in a range of colours and styles, but the all-black look never goes out of fashion.


Touch-fastening wide fit men’s sneakers are easy-to-wear mens shoes, where you can quickly throw them on if you are in a rush. The touch-fastening feature makes wearing this style of shoe much easier as well. In addition, these mens shoes in all-black can add a touch of style to your look as we all know, black goes with everything.


The touch-fastening all black men’s sneakers are usually worn in a more casual setting, whether the skatepark or a beachside café. However, the comfort and ease that these mens shoes provide make them an ongoing trend in design sneakers.


These mens shoes provide you with a good grip, ultimate comfort, and plenty of style for your day-to-day activities. A pair of all-black, touch-fastening men’s sneakers will be the perfect addition to your mens footwear collection.


Men’s Canvas Sneakers!


If you are looking for a casual wide fit mens footwear with a bit of class and sophistication, then men’s canvas sneakers are the ones for you. These designer brands canvas kicks in all-black are another style of mens footwear that hardly leaves the male fashion scene.


They are versatile mens shoes made to wear for just about any occasion. The all-black men’s canvas sneakers are seen in school, the office, university and on your weekend stroll along the esplanade. These mens shoes are the perfect style of wide fit mens footwear, no matter what time of day it is. To keep up to date with the trends, pairing these all-black men’s canvas sneakers with a fashionable outfit will tie it all together.


Find the perfect pairing when these mens shoes are styled with ankle-grazer denim jeans, mens accessories, an oversized tee-shirt and a mid-length coat. This look is common for guys during the cooler seasons and looks great with a pair of all-black men’s canvas sneakers.


For the warmer months, swap out the jeans for a pair of chino shorts and remove the jacket, but add a cool snapback hat, and voila, your outfit is complete. You will never fall short of a fashion moment when wearing a pair of sneakers in black.


Lace-up Runners!


Are you an active kind of guy? If you are nodding your head profusely, then we have the perfect pair of sneakers in black for you. The all-black runners are great for active guys and love experiencing outdoor adventures.


Runners are the ideal mens footwear to keep your feet protected, comfortable and supported all day long. Owning a pair of runners is necessary if you are an active guy, as these mens footwear can incur many moments of wear and tear.


The all-black style of these design sneakers ensures that they go well with any activewear fit. Look your fittest in these all-black wide fit men’s sneakers no matter where you decide to work out. If you are at the beach or in the gym, you will feel fashionable all day long with these wide fit mens footwear on your feet.


All-black High Tops!


Finding a fashionable and on-trend pair of design sneakers can be challenging during certain times of the year. This issue is due to the specific weather you would be experiencing and what colours complement those weather conditions.


Take winter as an example, the sky is usually grey, and the wind is cold, so darker coloured mens shoes blend well with this. In comparison to summer, there are plenty of bright and colourful locations thanks to the constant sunshine.


However, finding a super cool pair of sneakers in black to suit any season can be a little easier. We all know that black goes with everything, and they look even better in the style of high-tops.


These kicks feature a high cut-off around the ankle, which offers more protection and shoe care comfort to the foot. These sneakers in black pair perfectly with jeans or shorts so you can style them up for any season of the year. High-tops provide every guy with the opportunity to flex their fashion sense in both formal and casual settings. Woo!


Slip-on Men’s Sneakers!


Feel like changing up your style? Why not try out a pair of all-black, slip-on men’s sneakers? These kicks give you access to the ultimate levels of shoe care comfort without compromising your style. Stay on-trend with all black, slip-on men’s sneakers without any worry.


These mens footwear let you slide into a comfortable pair of kicks with ease. There is no need to fasten up the shoe when there are elasticised side gussets on the shoe, making it easier than ever to slip in and out of the wide fit mens footwear.


These sneakers in black are great for doing a tidy up of everything on your house that has been ignored. If there is mud, water or dirt, these all-black slip-on kicks will have your back. Dirt is easy to remove from these mens footwear and are the perfect all-rounder shoe for everyday jobs.


Trendy and laidback vibes all day long with these slip-on men’s sneakers!




Investing in accessories for your sneakers in black will give you that extra boost of shoe care comfort for every occasion. A set of innersoles for your wide fit men’s sneakers can ensure there is plenty of added support for your feet, as well as ensuring your mens footwear can last as long as possible.


You will also benefit from a pair or two of backup laces. This tip only applies to wide fit lace-up men’s sneakers, but it is a worthy purchase. Shoes will encounter plenty of wear and tear over time, including your laces, so keeping a pair of these close by can help you out when you least expect it!   


Need A New Pair Of All-black Men’s Sneakers?


Feel like you need a new pair of dress shoes? Now you have the perfect excuse to invest in a new pair of sneakers in black. Stay on-trend and stylish all year long with these bad boys!