Are Your Kids Shoes Suitable For School?

Do you think your kids’ school shoes are suitable? Spendless Shoes can tell you which features to look for and what kids casual shoes work best for students.


You’ll find an impressive number of designs in our collection and a great span of sizes using our size guides. So whether you’re buying touch-fastening styles and resistance bands for your child or something that laces up for a young adult, our inclusive range will have the perfect pair ready to go!


Now, let’s get to it!


What Features Should You Look For When Buying Kids’ School Shoes?


One of the most crucial features of any kids’ school shoes is the sole. While the proper grip is essential for trainers your children wear for PE classes or extra-curricular sports, it’s also a must-have for classroom kids casual shoes.


After all, your kids’ school shoes are their primary pair for five days a week, and if they don’t offer the right amount of support, then slipping around will be the least of your child’s worries!


Be sure that you pick styles carefully.


If you’re buying kids’ school shoes online instead of in-store, then you should always read the product description and take a good look at the style image to check. Long-lasting, comfortable durable, and support are also non-negotiable.


At Spendless, we design our kids’ school shoes with built-in comfort features, such as arch support, padded ankle cuffs, flexible material, and more. As such, you can always trust our classic designs to keep your children cosy!


Have You Bought Non-slip Styles For Your Teenager?


Our slip-resistant designs make great kids’ school shoes too!


For starters, these fantastic work-safe designs are perfect for the classroom as well. In addition, these get designed to endure wet, messy, and slippery floors in fast-food restaurants, retail stores, bars, cafes, cinemas, and similar settings. 


As such, you know that your children can count on reliable support and fantastic grip when they use non-slip styles as kids’ school shoes. Given that, it should be no surprise that our styles are considered trans-seasonal!


Kids’ school shoes with slip-resistant soles can handle wet and rainy conditions during autumn and winter. And in summer and spring, when your children are more likely to spend recess and lunch outside on the oval (and maybe kicking a footy around for fun) or playground.


The super-comfortable durable soles and material are a major bonus! Did we mention that slip-resistant and resistance bands styles are identical to traditional kids’ school shoes?


It’s true! If we showed you pictures of a non-slip pair and a conventional classroom design and asked you to pick the ones you thought were kids’ school shoes, you would have a difficult time trying to point out the right pair.


With their laced uppers, rounded toes, grooved soles, polished-looking finish, and sophisticated faux premium leather material, our work-safe designs are essentially indistinguishable from timeless kids’ school shoes.


Are Trendy Kids Sneakers/Sport Shoes Fit To Be Kids’ School Shoes For Your Child?


Have a look through our range, and you’ll see that Spendless has a great assortment of alternative designs. Traditional kids’ school shoes might make up the bulk of our range, but we have plenty of comfortable durable, and stylish designs that students will love too.


Take our fashionable kids sneakers/sport shoes as an example! Like our kids shoes tennis shoes, trail running shoes, tennis shoes, skate shoes, and crossing training sport shoes. These are the ideal kids’ school shoes for students who want more flexible and relaxed than typical uniform styles.


Our slender kids sneakers/sport shoes come in a glossy faux premium leather finish, so they’ll blend right in amongst conventional designs when your children are in the classroom with other students.


Like many of our best kids’ school shoes, casual kids sneakers/sport shoes also come in lace ups sneakers and touch-fastening and resistance bands versions, which means children of all ages will enjoy a comfy fit that they can customise to the shape of their feet!


There’s another fantastic thing about kids sneakers/sport shoes like these! And that is, your children are guaranteed to get their fair share of wear out of their pair. That includes weekends and during holidays too!


After all, even though they’re great kids’ school shoes, these are still technically casual kids sneakers/sport shoes, which means they make an easy pairing with casual clothes! Do you think your children would prefer to wear trendy kids sneakers/sport shoes to lessons in 2021?


We highly recommend these kids’ school shoes, but you’ll want to check your son or daughter’s dress code before you add anything into your shopping cart. 


Have a cursory look over your child’s uniform regulations to ensure that teachers deem kids sneakers/sport shoes appropriate kids casual shoes just to be safe!


Do You Want To Know If Vegan-friendly Kids’ School Shoes Are Up To Long Days Of Lessons?


Here at Spendless, some of our most popular designs are vegan-friendly synthetic styles. But, to be clear, we also have many kids’ school shoes, including premium leather uppers or lining. 


Premium leather is a highly breathable material and has slightly more flex to it than your average faux premium leather, so it continues to be a go-to for parents buying styles for children who have sensitive feet. 


If your son or daughter is prone to blisters, skin irritations, or sweaty feet, then you should seriously consider investing in kids’ school shoes that are a premium leather-inclusive style; they offer the best air circulation.


Still, there are more than a few reasons to look for synthetic pairs instead. First off, if you’re trying to be more selective about your shopping habits and want to support sustainable comfortable durable and fashion, then buying synthetic kids’ school shoes is a fantastic idea.


We know that our New Zealand customers love buying environmentally conscious and vegan-friendly fashion items, especially when it’s essential kids casual shoes for students!


Also, kids’ school shoes from Spendless are a lot more affordable than many vegan-friendly kids casual shoes options out there. So they’re the perfect purchase for parents who have to buy multiple styles for multiple children, especially if they’re shopping on a budget!


Synthetic designs also have fantastic endurance! Kids’ school shoes made from this material have incredible water resistance, and even the busiest children will have a hard time scuffing them. Finally, vegan-friendly kids’ school shoes will keep up with students of all ages!


We Hope That Helps!


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