Are Your Little Ones New to Laces? These Lace-Free School Shoes Have You Covered

Not all children find tying laces an easy skill to learn. However, it's understandable, especially if some adults have trouble with that too. However, it's only for some, so looking at other options and styles is best.


That's fine with Spendless New Zealand's vast collection of kids' school shoes! Our team will give you a rundown of our available designs and hopefully help you find a pair of kids' school shoes that your child will love.


We will also give you tips on keeping them clean, so your child can enjoy them longer. Read on to learn more!


Touch-Fastening Styles


Touch-fastening straps are one of the two non-lace fastenings from Spendless New Zealand. Each strap has two nylon fabric strips that keep the kids' school shoes in place. One nylon strip has tiny, hooked threads, while the other has a rough surface that attaches when pressed together.


If your child is still getting ready for lace-ups, they will appreciate how easy it is to lock these kids' school shoes by fastening them with one hand. However, they must use more force to pry the straps apart, resulting in a distinct ripping sound.


There are drawbacks to this fastening that you must know:


  • There's a limit to how many times your child can open and close the straps, approximately 8,000 times before they lose adhesion. Since the fastening is part of the kids' school shoes, you need to buy a new pair when that happens.
  • You can open and close the straps about 8,000 times before losing their sticking power.
  • Straps frequently gather lint, dirt, or other stray particles that can diminish efficiency. However, you can use household items like tweezers and duct tape to clean them.
  • The straps attach to random materials and can damage them.
  • The noise they make when pulling the touch-fasteners apart.


Here are some kids' school shoes from Spendless New Zealand that utilise touch-fasteners.


Double Straps


These kids' school shoes are ideal for your child, who is still learning to tie them independently. Your child gets the best of both worlds because this footwear has the feel of trainers and the effortless style of kids' school shoes.


The two touch-fasteners on the shoes, which are appropriate for both boys and girls, allow your child to change how tight they are.


Mary Janes


Little girls would love these classic kids' school shoes, especially since Mary Janes have been a uniform staple for years. Perfect for warm days, the open-top design of this footwear makes it breathable.


Sweat escapes and keeps your child's feet fresh all day by allowing air to circulate. Also, as opposed to shoes with double straps, Mary Janes have only one touch-fastening strap securing them. The popularity of these kids' school shoes keeps rising because of their glossy finish, round-toe design, and flexible but sturdy sole!




A buckle secures two loose ends of the footwear by attaching one end to an attachment and catching the other with a catch in a secure but adjustable manner. By selecting which hole to hook the buckle onto, the child can adjust the tightness of their footwear.


These kids' school shoes are suitable for slightly older students who have outgrown touch fasteners but still need to be fully ready for laces. Buckles are used in this footwear from Spendless New Zealand.




 T-Bars are timeless kids' school shoes for girls with higher insteps. This footwear has two or more straps forming one or more T shapes and is kept in place by adjustable buckles.


Your child gains the following benefits when they wear these kids' school shoes:


  • Flattering to the feet
  • Easy to wear
  • provides incredible support
  • provides maximum ankle support and comfort.


How to Keep Footwear Clean


A protective spray that forms an impermeable, waterproof layer is the best way to clean the kids' school shoes. This spray is most useful in the winter to avoid salt and water stains.


Here are some additional tips to help you keep the kids' school shoes looking brand new:


  • Use newspapers to preserve the shape of the footwear. Scrunch and put them in the kids' school shoes before storing them. Newspapers are effective moisture absorbers, so place some in damp kids' school shoes and let it do wonders! Replace the newspaper every hour if you want the footwear to dry more quickly.
  • Heat can ruin, cause cracks, and dry up footwear soles, so keep the kids' school shoes, especially sneakers, away from any direct source.
  • Please remind your child to wear socks when wearing kids' school shoes. Cotton socks preserve the footwear's freshness and shield your child's feet from blisters and sores from continual rubbing with the footwear. Grab a pair of socks from Spendless New Zealand before checking out.


How to Clean Touch-Fastening Straps


Most tools are everyday household objects, so maintaining the touch-fasteners on the kids' shoes won't cost you. But the touch-fastening straps' ability to press together can be affected by how well they stick to different materials. As a result, it's imperative to always keep them clean and tidy.


Pull out the more obvious dirt stuck to the strap with tweezers. You'll be surprised at how rapidly it removes the grime. If there are any smaller ones that you can't pull out, roll a lint remover over the touch-fasteners.


Duct tape is another item you can use. Like the lint remover, put the duct tape on the straps and pull away to see if the dirt comes off. Repeat the process on the touch-fasteners of the shoes until you remove everything.


How to Remove Tarnish from Buckles


A surprising item you can use to rid buckles of tarnish is something you can eat—ketchup! Get a small dish or cup roughly the same size as the buckle of the kids' shoes. Put it inside and pour ketchup over it.


Make sure there are no air bubbles. Allow the buckle to stay covered in ketchup for about ten minutes. After that, remove and scrub it with a plastic scrub pad, reaching all corners and crevices. Repeat the process.


No Need to Stress Over Laces!


Laces are not the end-all and be-all, as there are other options you can choose for your child. With a huge range of school footwear, Spendless New Zealand has different options to support them in the upcoming academic year! Remember the many benefits of getting the right shoes with the perfect fit for your child!


Head to our online store or your nearest retailer for a new pair!