Avoid Foot Pain During Your Hike!

Here's What To Look For In A Supportive Walking Shoe


Walking shoes at Spendless are built to handle anything! If you love getting outdoors, then we have the styles to take you further. Read on for the key things to consider when buying walking shoes:  


Environment and duration


The top two things that you’ll want to keep in mind with your walking shoes are the terrain and timing of your journey. Are you looking for walking shoes that you will be able to take on an all-day mountainous expedition, or something light and supportive to for an early morning stroll along a well-trodden path?


Know ahead of time if your activity will be high or low intensity so that you can find suitable walking shoes.


Do you have any previous injuries or foot conditions to consider?  


Seasoned hikers can have their fair share of scars and old wounds. While they may not be hobby-ending injuries, it’s vital to protect problem areas where you can by choosing walking shoes with the proper support. Consider what areas you might need to keep safe.


Minimise risk where you can


If you’re a serious hiker, then you know that there are always risks. Sometimes it’s a rolled ankle, other times it’s broken bones or worse. Finding walking shoes that can safeguard your feet against injuries is crucial. You could be saving yourself the money, time, and pain of recovery by preventing accidents in the first place.


Walking shoes should keep your ankles safe!


Ankles are a hotspot for irritating muscular-skeletal injuries that either keep recurring or never seem to heal properly. And, unlike broken toes (which you can power through if need be), ankle injuries have the unfortunate habit of swelling up and getting stuck in your walking shoes. Even minor strains can be intensely painful and stop you in your tracks.


The best way to protect your ankles is to get walking shoes with higher tops and some serious padding. Cuffs and squishy high-tops help cushion feet and absorb shock if the worst does happen. At Spendless, we have walking shoes, hiking styles, and work boots that will fit the bill.


Keep your toes covered


Broken toes are annoying, even if they tend to heal fast. The worst thing is, they are just so easy to break— mainly it’s from stubbing them on something, or twisting them weirdly when you trip. With walking shoes and boots featuring steel-caps or hard ends, you can easily prevent this kind of trauma from impacting your toes.


The best features to keep you steady


As far as keeping yourself from tripping and slipping during your hike, the thing you should be most concerned about is the quality of the tread.


You’ll want to find styles with proper grooves and grips that support traction; this won’t just help you keep your feet on wet, rocky, slimy, or shifting surfaces, it will also help with your endurance. If your walking shoes have a good tread, you are less likely to tire from the effort of keeping yourself stable.


Styles designed to last


It’s probably a given, but a good set of walking shoes or hiking boots should get their fair share of wear before it’s time for new ones. At Spendless, we pay attention to the designs so we can maintain the excellent quality of our walking shoes.


Want proof? Check out the kinds of eyelets that we have on our walking shoes! They’re sturdy, metallic, and help stop the creases that slowly tear material overtime when you tie up laces. Inventive additions like these add to a long-lasting style.  


Let Spendless help you prepare for your next great adventure!


Our team would be happy to answer questions or get fitted with the best hiking and walking shoes around.