Best Smart Casual Dress Shoes For Important Occasions

Are you stuck on finding the perfect men’s casual shoe? We know it can be tough to find the most stylish shoe, but do not fear, Spendless Shoes is here!


We’ve got you sorted for all of your important occasions, with a vast selection of men’s casual shoes to suit any fit. So whether it’s a wedding on the weekend or work lunch during the week, our range of men’s casual shoes can get suited to any event. So have a look below at our best men’s casual shoes! 


The Shoe That Puts An End To The ‘Socks Or No Socks’ Debate!


Men’s casual shoes are a significant type of style for every guy to have in their wardrobe. Depending on the type of event, they are a great piece of footwear that can get dressed up or toned down.


Our current favourite is the woven men’s shoe – a great combo between a casual sneaker and canvas slide. This type of footwear is perfect for outdoor play, whether that is an outdoor event or an afternoon picnic with family and friends.


It’s a breathable, stylish and unique style of men’s casual shoes that needs a permanent place in every guy’s footwear collection. This smart-casual dress shoe can be worn all year round, but it’s a popular choice during the warmer months of the year (NZ – we’re talking December to March!).


This men’s casual shoe is essential for a significant day trip down to the beach or a bayside get-together with friends. Soak in the sunshine with gorgeous beach views down at Mount Maunganui main beach, where colourful contrasts and sandy stretches are the only things in sight.


Light and breathable men’s casual shoes make an event down by the beach all the more stress-free. Plus, it solves the ‘socks or no socks’ debate, as this type of footwear can get worn either way! 


You’ll Be Blown Away By Our Range Of Boots!


Make sure your outfit is on point all day and night by styling the get-up with the ultimate pair of men’s casual shoes.


That’s correct! We’re talking about ankle boots. This look of men’s casual shoes offers a wide range of versatility, meaning it can get worn to a mate’s special birthday event or family function. Ankle boots for guys are a simple yet effective style of footwear that can turn any outfit from a four to a ten almost instantly.


Boots with a lace-up design offer a sophisticated finish with a sturdy attribute of comfort and ease. Men’s casual shoes are all about being cosy and at ease, even if they’re worn to an important event. So stay on trend with our range of men’s casual shoes and get those boot scuffs dirty (because you’ll be wearing them so often!). 


The Sneaker That You Need In Your Life!


Our best bet is that your footwear collection needs a new addition, and that would be a new pair of stylish sneakers. Our men’s casual shoes include an array of easy-to-wear, slip-on sneakers that go well with just about any outfit. The flat sole allows for the perfect men’s casual shoe, as you can wear it to an important event – even if that means a day in the backyard mowing the lawn (a super necessary occasion if you ask us!).


Our men’s casual shoes range also blends perfectly with a pair of chinos and a long sleeve jumper. So you’ll be channelling chic and stylish vibes all day long. Low-top sneakers are a lifesaver for any event where you want to maintain a sleek and trendy vibe.


Men’s casual shoes are the best investment, especially low-top sneakers. In addition, you can find a selection of lace-up styles and slight ankle padding in our trainers, making it super easy when walking through hilly roads and areas such as Wellington CBD. 


The Ultimate Dress Shoe You Didn’t Know You Needed!


The perfect men’s casual shoe doesn’t exi… wait! Yes, it does! So rest assured, you can count on our wide range of male dress shoes for all of your upcoming events. Now, you may be wondering, how can I be talking about dress and casual in the same category?


Well, that’s because we have conjured up the ultimate range of breezy casual men’s shoes. This type of style is the best when it comes to throwing together a last-minute outfit, ensuring you still look your best without compromising any of your stylistic qualities.


This range of men’s casual shoes is great to wear at important work meetings, functions or a midday special occasion event over the weekend. No matter the occasion, this style of guys footwear is the one to grab.


What we love about this range of men’s casual shoes is the fact that they’re easy to slip in and out without compromising the aesthetic of your ‘fit. 


Extra Comfort Is Always A YES! 


Men’s casual shoes speak for themselves; they’re super comfortable and easy to wear. However, every man’s foot becomes sore at one point or another, so why not add some extra support to your latest pair of footwear.


Gel innersoles are a great addition to any pair of men’s casual shoes as they offer the best comfort and great fit for just about any pair. In addition, these innersoles can help reduce stress on joints and absorb shock, plus they have built-in arch support for some extra love and care. 


As our range of men’s casual shoes includes a range of styles that involve the use of laces, zips and breezy cut-outs, it’s necessary to have backups just in case anything goes wrong. We offer a selection of dress, boot, flat and round laces for any lace design that your heart desires.


If you ever feel conflicted about wearing socks or no socks with hose easy, breezy shoes, why not grab yourself a spare pair to keep in your car so you can make a quick change if need be.     


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