Best Women’s Work Flats

You’ll find the most fabulous women’s flats at Spendless Shoes this season! From classic designs to 2020 trendsetters, there’s something for everyone in our collection. Are you looking for subtle and sweet women’s flats that will complement your office clothes effortlessly? Would you like to give your go-to weekly outfit a lift with some of our most unique and gorgeous pairs? Browse around on our website today and you’ll discover the best women’s flats of the season are ready and waiting for you. Since we have such an expansive collection, it’s only fair that we give you a little guide to our leading designs. Keep reading, and we’ll tell you all about the women’s flats we have for different workplaces!

What should you look for in your new pair?

Comfort should be your priority! Sore feet are a distraction that you can’t afford to have at work, and any decent pair of women’s flats should be up to a day of walking, standing, sitting, and commuting. Secondly, you’ll also need to pick something that can mix and match with your regular wardrobe. After all, you should be able to use your go-to pair of women’s flats throughout the week without it getting boring or predictable. Keep your eye out for shades like black and tan, which pair up beautifully with other colours and patterns. Finally, see if you can also find women’s flats that make your outfits feel modern. 

We adore loafers with metallic detailing

And we’re sure that you’ll fall in love with our loafer-style women’s flats. These shoes are a pretty combination of chic fashion and functional wear. Women’s flats like these have a slide-on fit, which means they are easy to slip onto your feet. Do you often sleep through your alarm, and would appreciate shoes that fit on easily when you’re in a rush? Well, these women’s flats have our stamp of approval! And remember, ladies who work in formal settings don’t need to feel shy about trading their go-to pumps for loafers. The metallic bar on the top of these women’s flats gives them a sophisticated feel, which means they can dress up well enough for any office!

Get trendy with woven slides 

Women’s flats in this look are ideal for ladies who need to keep their toes covered. While our slides have open backs to facilitate the best airflow for your feet, they also protect your toes. As such, our woven women’s flats will tick the boxes for any office dress code. Flexible and lightweight slide-on shoes are also cosier to wear than low kitten heels or pumps, so you don’t have to worry about foot cramps or sore ankles after a busy day in the office. The woven texture will also keep your office ensemble looking trendy! 

Try stylish sneakers and trainers!

These may not be the type of women’s flats that first spring to mind, but active designs like sneakers are an excellent option. Is your job physically demanding or calls for a lot of time up on your feet? Fashionable trainers bring steady support for ladies all day long, and you can count on sporty women’s flats to see you through your shift comfortable. Our favourite base look is a streamlined all-white sneaker because this can match well with everything. Take a quick look at our women’s flats, and you’ll realise that our trainers come with fashionable features too. Some pairs have red and black stripes on the sides, while others have lovely leopard print panels. Whether you’re interested in subtle or standout sneakers to wear to work, Spendless has got you covered!

Which of our women’s flats appeals to you?

Jump online and have a look for yourself! Spendless Shoes has even more office styles for you to ogle!