Block Heels Are Perfect For Everyone…Here’s Why!

Block heels are the perfect platforms for anyone to wear! When it comes to long-lasting support, ease of wear, and trendy features, nothing compares to these broad-based shoes. Stilettos, pumps and other skinny styles are beautiful, but they simply can’t offer the same amount of comfort and support as our block heels! So, why not give one of these fantastic styles a chance in 2020? It doesn’t matter whether you are new to wearing platforms or an expert, because you’ll always enjoy the best experience with our shoes! Do you want to learn more about why Spendless Shoes love these shoes so much? We’ll break it down for you right now! Here are four reasons why block heels are the perfect choice for your collection:



  • Block heels offer superior balance! 



The reason behind this phenomena lies in the style of the platform. The wider the block heels are, the more surface area you have to balance on, which enables the easiest movement. Getting used to walking in these sorts of shoes is far easier than skinny styles like stilettos, so they are the perfect starting style for novices. Also, you shouldn’t have any trouble wearing your block heels outdoors. The wide soles on our pairs can handle lawns, rocky pathways, and similar areas that would normally spell disaster for stilettos! As such, you can always step out in confidence with block heels on your feet! 



  • You can enjoy lasting comfort with these block heels! 



Do you know that shoes with wide platforms bring enduring comfort? Since the larger bases on block heels distribute your body weight evenly, you also won’t have to worry about tension building up in your ankles and calves. Until little pumps and or kitten-heeled shoes, which pool your weight onto a single point and put pressure on your legs, our thicker pairs have a much kinder feel. You’ll be able to wander around, stand, and dance in these block heels for hours and hours without sore feet becoming a burden! So, when you need shoes that will let you go from dawn until dusk without breaking stride, then our broad platforms are the obvious option. 



  • Our low block heels are easy to dress up and dress down!



Not every pair of platforms has to be a sky-high pair to look pretty. Here at Spendless Shoes, our short mule block heels are some of the most popular picks in 2020, thanks to their trendy features and ability to offer versatile styling options. This season, you can pick classic designs with wide bands, or a dressier pair with slender straps. Block heels in this look will complement clothes in any colour or fabric, so working them to suit your outfit will only take seconds. And, since they have a short design, these shoes are perfect for all-day wear, which means taking them to work, a wedding, or a long-running party is a great idea. 



  • Tall block heels are as trendy as our most glamourous stilettos! 



When you pick pretty block-based shoes for your wardrobe this season, you won’t have to trade style for comfort. Many of our best block heels look identical to our stilettos (minus the platform), which means they can make your next outfit feel just as glamorous and classy. Of course, there are plenty of unique looks too. Some of our favourite tall block heels for 2020 are self-tie styles. We have gorgeous faux suede designs, sandal-like styles with cute cut-outs, and heaps of other shoes that are sure to take your fancy. 


Have we convinced you?


Everyone deserves a pair of block heels from Spendless Shoes. Have a look online sometime soon!