Block Heels are Stiletto's Comfy Sister

Are you a big advocate for a new pair of pumps? Well, look no further because we have gathered some amazing styles for you to try out. It may be a shock to some, but replacing your stilettos for a pair of block heels may be the best thing you ever do!


This does not mean that you have to get rid of your entire collection of stilettos, but investing in some block heels for the perfect alternative might make your life a little easier. The team behind Spendless NZ have conjured up a great selection of block heels that are the comfy sister of stilettos.


You will fall in love with these casual shoes, so try not to worry too much about this change of scenery. We know that walking around the New Zealand cities (especially Wellington) can be tricky in a pair of stilettos.


The number of hills that you would have to walk through in a set of pumps is crazy! So, we are here to make things much more user-friendly when it comes to rocking a pair of nine west pumps. In addition, we have found some gorgeous spring summer block heels that are the perfect alternative to your stilettos. Keep on reading to find out more!   


Style 1 – Cake Stand Base


One thing about stilettos that every girl has a love-hate relationship with is the super slim base. This feature can make walking in a pair of stilettos or heels online difficult and painful, which ruins many fun nights out. If the base of the stiletto is tall, then the only benefits one can take from this is an extra boost of height.


If you are not too fussed about the height but would love to get your hands on a more comfortable heel shoes style, then the cake-stand block heels are your new go-to. The cake-stand block heels are becoming a super popular trend in the fashion world, and we love every second of these comfort block heels.


This unique design brings an edge to the shoe world that has never been seen before. These dress shoes take inspiration from the deliciously sweet and effortless design of a cake stand. This look is becoming a statement piece in every girl's low heel collection, so this is the perfect time to invest in some.


You will find that these cake-stand block heels online are the ideal alternative to a pair of stilettos just because of their unique style and comfortable design. It is hard to find a pair of sturdy block heels that offer both of these features, so it is a win-win in our eyes. The cake-stand block heels are a purchase you will not regret!


Style 2 – Strappy, Self-Tie Pumps


Do you prefer comfort over style? If you are nodding yes, then keep on reading because your mind is about to get blown. A pair of stilettos do not generally fit the category of comfortable footwear. If you are lucky enough to find a pair of comfortable stilettos that do not break the bank (or your feet), then you have won the jackpot.


For the girl's who struggle to find a pair of comfortable high heel sandal, then a pair of womens block heel will be your next best bet. Self-tie strappy block heel sandals will have all eyes on you. These pumps are stylish, on-trend and are a unique addition to the world of women's shoes specially bridal shoes.


Find yourself wearing a pair of strappy heeled shoes, and you will notice the difference immediately. These soft pink heels are super comfortable, which means you get the chance to walk around freely without worrying about sore feet.


The self-tie straps platform heels are a beneficial addition to the look because they keep your feet locked in place. The straps also allow you to show off some skin, so choose your best outfit to complete your look. You need a pair of these heel height pumps in your life as soon as possible!


Style 3 – Kitten Block Heels


If you love the look of the stilettos, then you will become obsessed with the kitten toe heels. These pumps are the twin of stilettos but with half the height. Kitten black block heel offer a miniature stiletto-like base which makes walking in these pumps one hundred times easier.


The leather block heel is perfect for a night out with friends, a day in the office or even a mid-week dinner date. Why not treat yourself and your daughter and buy womens block heels online to  match your outfits together!


This look is a fun trending styles of shoe that will ensure you are comfortable and on-trend all day long. These leather heels look stunning when paired with any outfit, so you will not have to worry about your look with these shoes. Ditch the stilettos and replace them with a pair of kitten block heels today along with your womens fragrance.


Style 4 – Colourful And Stylish


One thing that white leather block heels are renowned for is the way they are designed. The majority of stilettos feature very simplistic or classic heel leather designs that have made their way in and out of fashion trends over the years. 


However, many women want to see and experience a new black leather block heels style of shoe and, that is why wide fit heels are the perfect alternative to stilettos. Block evening shoes are hot property in the fashion world, which means that there are multiple colours, styles and designs that are released.


If you want to upgrade your shoe collection, then a couple of pairs of bright and colourful or  colour pop heels will do you wonders. Your stilettos will become a thing of the past once your new set of tan leather heels make their way into your shoe collection.

Block heels are versatile, on-trend and easy-to-wear shoes, so any hesitations to wearing these as your stiletto alternative will get eliminated as soon as your foot slips into the black leather shoe.


Style 5 – Clear Block Heels


Change up your look and ditch the stilettos for a super cute pair of clear block heels. These nude leather pumps are super stylish with cross body bags  and can go with just about any look. These clear block heels are the perfect style of shoe to invest in when you want comfortable and subtle pairs of pumps.


These clear mid season block heels are super comfortable thanks to the low base and lightweight straps. This style is unique and subtle, which means your outfit can become the star of the show or your everyday essentials with these shoes on your feet.


There is a range of suede heel stilettos that feature this design; however, the clear material will showcase your feet rather than the shoe's design. In addition, clear platform sandals offer much more breathability for your feet, so you will not have to worry about your look with these stiletto-alternatives. Woohoo!   


Ready To Get Your Hands On A Pair Of Block Heels?


We know that a pair of block heels are the perfect alternative to your go-to set of stilettos. You will find your feet feeling so much more comfortable and relaxed in some block heels, and they will not cramp your style. So head to the Spendless NZ website today to treat yourself to a new pair of pumps!