Block Heels Don't Have to Be Boring...Check Out These Styles!

We know that every woman loves to wear a stylish pair of shoes. So, nothing is better than treating yourself to a new pair of block heels. Likewise, we know how much girls love to wear a set of pumps, so we have gathered the ultimate range of block heels for you.


The team here at Spendless Shoes New Zealand shop knows all of the ins and outs of block heels. A block-heeled shoe is a great option for all-day wear in the office. The weight and length are suited to your feet. In addition, this brand of shoes is very easy to use.


You can put all your faith in us. The block heel shoes available will surely become a new favourite in your life. Every girl in New Zealand will love our range of styles in no time!


 You can find these gorgeous pumps in our Women's category under Heels. We love our selection of block heel shoes, and we know you will too. So scroll down below to find out more!


 No matter what type of dress you wear, it is suitable for every occasion and a perfect fit to wear. This brand is always available.


Style 1 – Strappy self-tie

Check out our range of strappy self-tie block heels. You will fall in love at first sight with these pumps. These are some of our favourite styles of shoes, and we know they will be yours too. These are the ultimate set of shoes that every girl needs in her life. 


You can create a wide selection of looks with a pair of these strappy, self-tie block heels. 


You will find that the straps come in various materials, including ribbon, lace, and elastic. There is no better feeling than the one you get after investing in a new set of pumps. The best thing about wearing these block heels is that you can wear them all summer.


 The best thing about these heels is that they come in varying heights, so you have a lot of styles to choose from.


The self-tie straps sit around your ankle and mid-calf, which means you have to show some skin with these shoes on your feet. Pair these pumps with a gorgeous mini dress or a super cute pair of shorts for the ultimate summer outfit. 


Style 2 – Pointed-toe

Say hello to our range of pointed-toe pumps. These block-heeled shoes can easily take your look to the next level. So, whether it is a day at work or a date night with your partner, you can trust that your pair of pointed-toe pumps will become your new favourite pair of block heels to wear. 


We love styling these shoes for a day in the office. 

It is covered with a wide variety of leathers, colours and seasonal styles. You cannot go wrong when choosing this type of shoe.


Pointed-toe block heels can give you a touch of class and sophistication without extra effort. Why not style a set of pointed-toe pumps with a pair of ¾ work pants and a loose-fitted blouse? 


If you are more of a skirt kind of girl, swap out the pants for a pencil skirt. You will look classy and sophisticated all day long! 


Style 3 – Jewelled

Get your hands on a pair of jewelled block heels as soon as possible! Your mind is about to get blown when you see what these shoes offer. Our range of jewelled block heels can ensure that you look comfortable and stylish from morning until night. 


We love how comfortable and wearable these shoes are. The best thing about our collection of jewelled block heels is that they can take your look to the next level. We love what you can do with a pair of these kicks in your life. You will find gold chain detailing, glitter, or tassels on your next pair of jewelled block heels. 


Whether for a day at the office or an evening on the dance floor, block heels will go the full distance and can take you from day to night. If you are a fan of this style, you will want to get your hands on a pair of JORDYN. 


The gold chain detailing on these block heels is too good to resist! Take this as a sign to take these items to the checkout section!


Style 4 – Cake-stand

Try something new this season with our range of cake-stand block heels. This unique design is sure to have all eyes on you. There is no better feeling than the one you get when you wear the ultimate pair of pumps. Our collection of cake-stand block heels will make you look trendy and stylish from morning until night. 


Block heels provide more support, and the larger surface area helps distribute your weight more evenly. Not only does this mean less pain in your feet,


The best thing about investing in a pair of these pumps is that you can wear them all year long. So whether there is sunshine or rain, you will always find a way to wear your cake-stand block heels. 


The cake-stand design is also offered in various colours and designs. You will find bright styles and pastel tones on these bad boys. So why not treat yourself to two new sets of pumps to get them in various colours? We know you will love these cake-stand heels just as much as we do! 


Style 5 – Bright colours

There is something about a pair of bright coloured block heels that can make all the difference to your look. So flaunt your latest pair of pumps this season with a gorgeous bright-coloured block heel on your feet. These shoes will help you stand out from the crowd easily. 


The bright colour on these block heels makes them the perfect shoes to style with an all-black outfit. Whether a mini dress or a top and skirt, you will love what these pumps can do. Our range of bright coloured block heels can get styled with every look. The options are endless with a pair of these kicks in your life! 


We have different colours: pink, yellow, tan, and nude. So naturally, pink and yellow are very attractive to our customers. But all these colours are always available.


Style 6 – Buckle fastening 

Stay comfortable and secure all day and night long with a pair of buckle-fastening block heels on your feet. These are the go-to pair of pumps for every girl who loves to feel comfortable throughout the day. No pain you can feel. This type of brand is very saleable.


The buckles tend to sit around the ankle of the footwear, ensuring you have plenty of freedom with these brown block heels on your feet. You can pair many outfits and styles with these block heels. You will love how easy these shoes are to wear! 


Measure Your Size 1. You will need a ruler, a pen, and a piece of A4 paper. 2. Place the piece of paper flat on the ground and stand on it. Make sure your foot is flat and in the middle of the piece of paper. 3. Draw a mark behind your heel and another in front of your longest toe.


 If one of your feet is larger than the other, use the longer foot to calculate your size.

Our brand is known for its durability and dependability.

In addition, we know that our range of pumps is super comfortable and stylish. 

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