Block Heels That Will Allow You to Party and Stay Comfortable This Silly Season!

This summer, take the stress out of shopping for party shoes.


Unlike stilettos (which inevitably make even the hardest feet sore after a while), block heels create enduring comfort. Broad platforms spread your body weight evenly, absorb shock, and minimise muscle strain expertly. As such, it’s no surprise that block heels are some of our most popular picks to take to parties and events. Are you looking for a new pair that can update your wardrobe? Well, Spendless Shoes can help you find spectacular block heels. However, before we get to the fun stuff, we need to go through some things:

Why would you choose tall block heels? 

As with any stiletto, the steeper the platform, the more your muscles tense. Aesthetically, this shapes your profile and creates the illusion of slimmer ankles, calves, and thighs. In short, tall block heels can be incredibly flattering and help boost your confidence. Anyone who feels self-conscious about their legs or height can compensate with a high pair. Similarly, block heels are also useful if you want to wear a dress or skirt with an ultra-long hemline and need to make sure it isn’t dragging. Finally, they are classics that you can wear to formal settings and events. In short, wearing block heels has a whole array of benefits and advantages.

However, a short style could be your ultimate pick!

Admittedly, these shoes look more like sandals than like proper block heels. Additionally, despite being low to the ground, the short incline allows for the same calf-slimming fit of our tall versions, giving the advantage of supreme comfort! You can make sore feet a thing of the past when you wear these out to your next outing. Choosing a set of these block heels to wear with your event attire will be effortless since we have so many different versions of them on offer at Spendless Shoes. Also, unlike taller options from our collection, these shorter shoes can help you endure a full day and night painlessly. If making better choices in your New Year’s resolution, then we have to recommend a pair of short block heels!

Would a short or tall style work better for you?

To answer this question, you’ll have to consider the strengths and weaknesses of both variations. Small block heels are the ideal pick for women who want balance and support to be supreme, but they feel more casual than tall styles. Higher block heels are the best for women who want to stand taller and add an extra air of formality to their look, but the sky-high platforms can compromise comfort and stability after a few hours. Consider which of these sounds like it will suit your upcoming party the best. As such, we recommend short block heels for casual events and tall ones at all of your sophisticated affairs.

Now that that’s out of the way, we’ll recommend some designs:

Classic block heels are essential in any woman’s wardrobe! The minimal bands around the ankle and over the toes create an airy feel and elegant silhouette. If you need a go-to set to wear to any party, then we advise these.

See-through mules can see you through any event! Our beautiful transparent block heels look like crystal, and they match flawlessly with any print or pattern. 

Slim mules are a must-have! You won’t find party shoes with a more fashionable shape or more accommodating fit! You’ll love the slim profile created by the block heels.

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