Block Heels That Will Be a Staple In Your Wardrobe!

Are you looking for platforms that you can rely on? Grab a pair of our block heels this season, and they’ll quickly become a staple in your wardrobe! If you are tired of stilettos and other platform shoes leaving you with stinging feet and aching muscles, then we recommend making the switch. Why are block heels such a popular choice from Spendless Shoes? These broad platforms are renowned for providing the best support for the longest time, and they do that while still maintaining a classy and elegant air. Plus, once you’ve chosen a pair that you love from our shelves, you’ll be able to wear those block heels out again and again with different outfits. 


Mules and other short block heels are great everyday designs! 

We thought we’d start from the smaller end of the spectrum first. Our low block heels are a must-have for ladies who get wobbly in tall stilettos and similar shoes. Mules are the perfect blend of casual and formal, so you can dress them up or dress them down as needed. We have pointy-toed versions that would be perfect in your workplace, and translucent block heels that can add a chic feel to your party outfits. Given how versatile these shorter shoes are, we know that they’ll become a fast favourite in your collection. 


Tall platforms and lofty block heels will keep you going from dusk to dawn!

Don’t be fooled by the height of our tall platforms. Unlike stick-thin stilettos, our supportive block heels are more than capable of seeing you through the night seamlessly! The wide base helps you balance and distributes your body weight more evenly, which means less strain and pain for ankles and calf muscles. Not only do block heels look stunning, but they’ll keep you up on your feet and partying for longer too! This season, we recommend faux suede styles with crisscrossing straps, and easy-to-match shades like black, white, and beige. 


Almost all of our winter boots come with block heels! 

Since the broad platform maintains your balance, wearing these shoes out in wet conditions is never a struggle. In truth, the most difficult thing about our wintery block heels is picking out the type of boots that you want! We have ankle-high, calf-high, and thigh-high boots, so narrowing down your options can be tricky. Like our other block heels, these also come in various heights, so you can pick the platform that best suits your needs. Our advice is this: consider what sort of clothing you have in your wardrobe and how much warmth you need from your boots, and go from there! Boots with block heels will be a go-to during the colder months, so there’s no reason you can’t indulge yourself with one in each height! 


Why should you choose block heels from Spendless Shoes? 

Firstly, there’s our variety. We’ve only gone through a handful of styles in the articles, and they’re the tip of the iceberg! Here at Spendless Shoes, we try to cater to as many different customers as we can, which is why we stock block heels in all sorts of unique designs. You can find our most popular platforms come in different heights, colours, and materials, so they can cater to anyone’s taste. Beyond that, we have so many individual styles that no matter what type of block heels you find appealing, you’re guaranteed to see something that catches your interest. 

Secondly, Spendless has the most affordable prices around! Stocking your shelves with our hottest new block heels won’t be a costly exercise at all. We take pride in providing our customers with low prices and shoes in excellent quality, and we haven’t disappointed yet! See for yourself at Spendless Shoes!