Block Heels That Will Work Wonders For Your Confidence!


Feel confident in your next pair of block heels!

If you’re tired of feeling awkward and uncomfortable in too-tiny stilettos and other elevated styles, then it’s time to make the switch! At Spendless Shoes, we can help guide you towards classic designs, and a few of the best-loved trends as we head towards 2020 too. So, lend us your time, and we’ll help you feel inspired enough to get a new pair of block heels this season! Spendless Shoes has a gorgeous selection of fashionable, affordable, and comfortable shoes ready for you to take home today. Now, let us boost your confidence with our marvellous block heels!


You can trust our block heels to take care of you


Finding shoes that you know you can rely on is half of the battle here. After all, how can you feel confident in your block heels if you don’t feel safe wearing them?


At Spendless Shoes, we take the time to look over every inch of our designs and elevate certain features to create unrivalled comfort and support. Block heels already have an advantage over stilettos, given that their base is thicker. The extra width absorbs more shock as you move, allows for greater balance, and, for the most part, keeps tension from building up in your ankles and legs. With block heels on your feet, you can feel self-assured and ready to go the distance during your next event or outing.


Try something short and cosy!


Do you love getting a height boost from your shoes, but can’t take the strain of a steep incline? Don’t worry, because Spendless can accommodate you quickly with some of our best-loved block heels. The thick base gives your feet extra support. If you want to feel confident every time that you wear your block heels out, then we advise grabbing a short style. Most of these shoes are variations of our higher styles anyway, so you'll see all the same décor and fashionable features. However, you’ll also enjoy the ease of wear with a low platform.


Want to take things up a level with mid-high block heels? 


Well, we can’t recommend mules enough! These lovely block heels have open backs and a slide-in fit, so they’re no trouble to get on or off. The best kinds in this collection have square-cut toes, elegant profiles, and slender straps running over the top.


You could dress yours up for work or dinner, but we also think they create a cute casual combination with denim shorts or skirts. You might even try the see-through version of these block heels.


Espadrilles could be your new best friends!


Espadrilles add extra height using flat platforms, instead of making the block heels steeper. As such, they’re perfect for ladies who adore tall styles and want to avoid foot cramps. Plus, the full width of these block heels makes walking on stones, grass, and other outdoor surfaces easier than you can imagine. Not only that, the sky-high soles on espadrilles will have you standing shoulder-to-shoulder with all of your tallest friends. So, you can be confident that you won’t be the shortest one in photos!

If we had to pick a version of these block heels to wear out this season, it would have to be ones with self-tie straps. These fashionable faux suede bands add a whole new level of style and intrigue to espadrilles.


Do you feel inspired? 


Did you enjoy this brief look at our block heels? If you want to see more, then shop around at Spendless Shoes. We have the most beautiful designs of 2019, and they're all waiting for you! Discover all of our lovely block heels today!