Block Heels That Won’t Break The Bank!

Are you shopping on a budget this season? Get ready to save on your next pair of block heels from Spendless Shoes! Our low starting prices, flexible payment options, and awesome sales are sure to entice you. We’ve got a whole host of new styles for our New Zealand customers, as well as some timeless block heels that are enduring favourites. Are you keen to find out more about our shoes and our excellent prices?

By the time you’re done reading this article, you should be ready to browse the Spendless range and find your dream pair of block heels! 


It’s never been easier to buy shoes on a budget!


If you are aiming to buy high-quality block heels at bargain prices, then Spendless is the place to shop. For starters, we don’t discriminate on prices because of the material on our different styles. Even though many of our block heels are vegan-friendly, they are still super affordable. A hundred dollars could easily buy two or three full-priced pairs from Spendless and still leave you with money to spare. 


Don’t forget that LayBuy is an option for you too! 


LayBuy is a flexible payment option that you can use to split up the cost of your newest block heels. Instead of paying the full amount for your order all at once, LayBuy allows you to break up the cost into small repayments. You’ll receive your block heels as usual, and you can pay back their cost at your leisure while you’re busy enjoying them! If you have a strict weekly budget to follow, then shopping for shoes this way should help you stick to your saving goals and stay on track. 



Now, what sort of block heels interest you the most? 


Our short block heels will always keep you comfortable! 


Since low platforms like these are subtler than sky-high stilettos and similar shoes, they are easy to dress up and dress down. On days when you want to give your everyday clothes a style boost, you can use these block heels to give your outfit (and height) a little lift. And, since the short and broad platforms can keep you cosy for hours and hours, you will have no trouble wearing these shoes out to a long event. 

When you’ve got a long day of wedding celebrations or expect your best friend’s party to run into the next morning, you can count on low block heels to see you through to the end! This season, some of our most popular versions come with crocodile skin texture, big toe bands, and square-cut toes.  


Tall block heels are fantastic for work functions and special occasions! 


These lofty platforms are much-loved options at all formal events. The high block heels will slim down your calves and make your legs look longer and lither. These are an instant match with dressy outfits, whether you are a fan of jumpsuits, skirts, or dresses. Not to mention, unlike skinny stilettos at this height, our block heels will keep you stable and comfortable for ages. You’re free to party all day and night in these pretty platforms.

Do you want to know which block heels we recommend in this design? Our crystalline see-through styles are a favourite this season since they offer such versatile stylish options. Still, you can’t go wrong with our pointy-toed or self-tie faux suede shoes. 


We have so many more block heels for you to look at! 


We’ve given you a little tease of our top shoe types, but we’ve got heaps of other designs for you to try! Browse through our online collection and we’re sure you’ll discover the block heels of your dreams.