Block Heels the Ultimate Extra-Curricular Shoe

Are you ready to give your shoe collection a makeover? We know that you will fall in love with our range of block heels. These pumps are one of the hottest trends going around. There is no better feeling than walking around in your flawless new pair of pumps. 


Every woman in New Zealand can relate to us when we say that you feel like you are on top of the world when you flaunt your latest pair of block heels. If you have not yet invested in a set of these pumps, then now is a perfect time. You will be super grateful that you purchased these new arrivals kicks, so now your wardrobe will be up to date with the latest trends. You will feel ready for the New Zealand summer in no time! 


Keep on reading, and please note to find out more about our range of pumps and which ones you need in your life ASAP! Take a quick view to learn more.


1. Strappy Block Heels


Have you noticed more women wearing a pair of strappy block heels? These pumps are becoming a popular fashion trend this season. The strappy feature in these shoes is what can make you stand out from the crowd with ease. 


These pumps are the ultimate go-to shoe to wear during the warmer weather, and you can style them with just about any outfit. The strappy block heel can take you from morning until night with ease. So whether it is a day in the office or a night out with friends, you will be sure to look your very best in a pair of these pumps. Strappy block heels will take your summer look to the next level. 


New Zealand summer can be a little unpredictable, which is why these shoes are the perfect go-to pair. The straps will ensure that your feet stay inside the footwear, whether there is rain, hail, or shine. You will love these pumps as soon as you step foot inside a pair! 


2. Slip-On Block Heels 


Hello, comfort! Treat yourself to a pair of slip-on block heels this season, and watch how quickly they become your new best friend. These pumps are super easy to wear and extremely stylish. You will be in awe of these block heels as soon as you lay your eyes on them. 


Trust us, and these slip-on block heels are a must-have in every girl’s wardrobe. These shoes are the perfect style to quickly throw on in the morning when you are short of time. You will love wearing a pair of these pumps to just about every occasion. 


You can pull these off at a formal event or if you need a pair of shoes to quickly throw on whilst you answer the door to home delivery. No matter what it is, you are sure to find a purpose to wear these comfortable new styles of kicks. 


Slip-on block heels will be a beneficial addition to your life that you did not know you needed. Faster checkout some new block heels from our store, Spendless NZ.


3. Colourful Block Heels 


Are you ready to add a little spice to your life? Our range of colourful block heels will help you achieve exactly that. If you love to wear simple colours, then now is your chance to add some brightness to your wardrobe. 


There is no better feeling than wearing a pair of bright and bold block heels. These pumps can give your look a style boost that you did not know you needed. We love rocking a pair of colourful pumps, and we know that you will too. 


These shoes look best with an all-black or all-white outfit. This tip will ensure that your heels are the standout piece rather than the outfit. If you love to rock a pair of pumps that blend in with your outfit, then a bright and colourful set of block heels is your best bet. 


Blend it all and shine as bright as you can with your colourful kicks on. It will work correctly, and you will blend right into the vibrant summer season. 


4. Unique Styles 


There is no better feeling than rocking a pair of block heels that offer a unique style compared to the rest. We love wearing a stylish pair of pumps that not many other people have. You feel on top of the world in a set of these unique shoes. 


One style of block heels that we are obsessed with this season are the cake-stand pumps. These block heels feature a uniquely shaped base that resembles the generic cake-stand design. This look is what many girls are wearing, and we could not be more in love. 


They are super cool and quirky, which makes them stand out from the rest. You will have compliments coming in left, right, and centre with these pumps on your feet. The clear straps are also a unique style featured in a range of block heels. 


This look is perfect when you wear an extravagant outfit and do not want the pair of pumps to clash. Your outfit will be the star of the show with these shoes on your feet. If you are a fan of stilettos, you will love the kitten block heel design's smaller version. 


This style is a gorgeous replica of the classic stilettos so that you can feel ten times more comfortable with the smaller pair of block heels. 




Every girl forgets to close checkout some footwear accessories for their pair of block heels. These pumps are super comfortable as is, but there is no such thing as too much comfort in your pair of pumps. 


One recommendation that we highly suggest investing in is a set of half gel innersoles. These sit on the inside of your block heels and instantly give you a boost of comfort. The extra layer of support is super beneficial for big days and long nights wearing a pair of these block heels. 


You will love the new comfortable addition to your pumps!


Ready to get your hands on a pair of must-have block heels?


Our range of styles is sure to tickle your fancy. We have a pair of block heels that are perfect for you. Head to the Spendless New Zealand shop website today to find your new favourite pair. These block heels come with varying heights, colours, and designs at a very affordable price. Enjoy many benefits like receive updates. Add these kicks to your shopping  bag, save for later use. Continue shopping with us!