Block Heels Will Never Go Out Of Fashion… Here’s Why

You can’t go wrong with block heels! These timeless platforms are the perfect pick in any season. With an enormous collection of block heels like ours, you’re guaranteed to find a few different pairs that take your fancy! From formal shoes to casual platforms, Spendless Shoes has it all. Not to mention, while we keep everyone’s favourite classic block heels on-hand, we also regularly update our collection with new designs. So, whether you want to keep up with the latest trends or invest in a timeless pair, our range will satisfy your needs. 

Block heels are versatile and easy to wear again 


You won’t wear these shoes once and then leave them to collect dust in your wardrobe. As long as you style them (or accessorise) your block heels a bit differently each time, you can take your pair out to as many parties, dinners, events, and get-togethers as you like! Beyond that, there’s also the fact that our platforms are incredibly versatile. Block heels are a fitting match with dresses, skirts, playsuits, and other formal attire. However, there’s a popular trend going around this season where ladies put pumps with their favourite jeans and cropped tops to boost their aesthetic to smart-casual or semi-formal. Unlike many other shoe styles, which only work in a specific season or a particular venue, block heels are free to change and adapt as needed. 

What sort of designs do we recommend for your 2020 collection?


Self-tie block heels


Do you love the feel of soft faux suede against your skin? Do you see the appeal of block heels that you can alter for the ideal fit and change to match your outfit better? If so, you’ll adore these lovely self-tie shoes! You can wear whatever sort of clothing you want with these block heels because no matter what the length of the garment, you can tweak your shoes until they go together flawlessly. Here at Spendless, we offer self-tie styles in a range of colours, including classic black and tan, or even vibrant yellow! 


Short slide-on mules


Do you prefer your block heels on the shorter side of the spectrum? Our slide-on mules would be a worthy addition to your collection in 2020. We especially recommend our translucent blocks; their see-through straps and platforms give them a crystalline look. Be careful about when you wear your mules out, however! Since block heels have open backs and uncovered toes, you might get frosty feet on a rainy day. 


Booties with unique finishes


Our bootie-style block heels can take any look up a level. They’re the perfect blend of boots and formal shoes, so you can style them however they suit you best. Our favourites in 2020 include woven material, pin-punched patterns, and designs with cut-outs. Since they are partially enclosed and offer excellent airflow, bootie-style block heels are trans-seasonal, so you can bring them out to play at any point of the year. You won’t find dressy footwear (for cold weather) that are as versatile as these anywhere else! 


Over-the-knee boots


Your event ensemble will be more eye-catching with thigh-high block heels in the end. We love thigh-boots here at Spendless, particularly ones with stylish platforms. While the long line of black fabric flatters and slims down your legs, the incline gives your legs even more shape. Overall, you can expect over-the-knee block heels to help you turn heads! If you’re looking for a standout style that can also keep you warm this winter, then add thigh-high boots to your shopping cart.

Block heels will never go out of fashion!

Why wait to get yours? Shop for a hot new pair at Spendless Shoes, and we’re sure you’ll be happy with your next order!