Block Heels You'll Want to Wear Every day!

Are you looking for a pair of shoes that can instantly take your look to the next level? If you are nodding your head yes, then our range of block heels are the ones for you. You will want to wear a pair of these pumps every day. There is nothing better than rocking a set of block heels with your next outfit. 


If you feel stuck on what style to get your hands on, do not fear. The team here at our brand shop, Spendless Shoes New Zealand, have got you sorted. But, of course, every girl in New Zealand will want to know where your new pair of pumps are. 


Our range of block heels will become your go-to pumps as soon as you step foot in them. However, if you are keen to get your hands on a new set of shoes, take a read below! 


Style 1 – Bright


Have you seen a pair of bright coloured block heels? If you are shaking your head no, you need to get a set in your life ASAP. These are the perfect set of shoes to wear during the warmer months of the year. Stand out from the crowd with ease when you wear a pair of these bright coloured block heels. 


You can never get enough of these kicks in your life. So level up your look instantly when you rock a set of these bright coloured block heels. You will find a wide range of colours and styles in these shoes. Likewise, the options are endless when you rock a pair of pumps. 


The bright colours can help you stand out from the crowd and make a statement with your look. However, our range of bright block heels is not for the faint-hearted. So make this article your sign to purchase a pair!


Style 2 – Pastel


Tone things down this season with our range of pastel-coloured block heels. 


You will find that these shoes are super comfortable, stylish, and versatile to wear from morning until night. There is never a better time to get your hands on a pair of pastel coloured block heels. You will love wearing these shoes during the spring season, where gorgeous flowers and bright skies are there for you every day. 


Pastel coloured block heels can get paired with just about every outfit. You will never run out of options with these shoes in your life. We recommend styling these block heels with a mini skirt and long sleeve blouse or a flowy maxi dress. You can find these beauties worth the price you pay.


You will love how easy these shoes can complement your outfit. Pastel block heels are a must-have in every girl's wardrobe! 


Style 3 – Strappy


Get ready to strut your stuff this season with our range of strappy block heels! You will instantly fall in love with these shoes. Our range of strappy block heels is trendy, stylish, and easy to wear from morning until night with ease. 


These are the type of shoes that are best worn throughout the warmer months of the year because they require you to show some skin. You will find that the strap detailing sits at the mid-calf level, which means you need to wear an outfit that shows off your legs. Take advantage of these shoes and show off your latest fashion piece. 


You will have compliments rolling in from left, right, and centre with these block heels by your side. The strappy detailing on these block heels can come in a range of ribbon, lace, or rope material. So try out our strappy heels in pink, brown, and green. They will surely win your heart.


So why not give LINDA a run for her money? We know you will love these block heels just as much as we do! 


Style 4 – Jewelled


Get your hands on a set of jewelled block heels this season. You will love what a set of these pumps can do for your next look. There is something special about wearing a pair of jewelled pumps with your next outfit. You will find that jewelled block heels can take your look to the next level with ease. 


There is nothing we love more than styling a pair of these block heels with your next look. You will find that our range of jewelled block heels can take your look to the next level with ease. You will want to wear this footwear all day and night long. You will find gold chains, glitter, and tassels scattered over your shoes. 


We love wearing jewelled block heels with every outfit. You will want more than one pair of these shoes in your life! 




One thing that every girl forgets to do when shopping for new block heels is to invest in some shoe accessories. There is nothing we can recommend more than a set of accessories for your shoes. Accessories are super helpful and can make your feet look and feel comfortable all day long. 


We recommend investing in some half-gel innersoles for your next pair of shoes. These sit inside your set of kicks and instantly give your feet a comfort boost. Of course, there is nothing better than rocking a set of these pumps with your next look. We also recommend getting your hands on some heel-stoppers for your new pair of block heels. 


These sit on the sole of your feet and can ensure that you do not trip or fall over throughout the day and night. These shoe accessories are too good to resist


Have you fallen in love with our block heels?


Get your hands on your new favourite pumps ASAP! There are plenty of styles for every girl to wear. The best thing about these shoes is that you will want to wear them every day. So head to the Spendless Shoes New Zealand website today and press 'add to cart' now!