Boots Are a Game Changer at Spendless!

Boots are a staple footwear style in any wardrobe, especially during the colder seasons. However, the search for the right pair can be a challenge. With so many options available, how can you find the best boots?


You can start by asking relevant questions. What will be the boots’ primary use? Will you wear it to work and play? Is it because you’re travelling somewhere cold and need boots to cover your feet and keep you warm? But if your goal is to elevate your style, you’re looking at almost all kinds in the market.


Once you’ve narrowed the reason for getting one, the next step is to find the best brand that provides options corresponding to your needs. At Spendless New Zealand, the boots are a game changer! The diverse collection combines fashion and functionality seamlessly, ensuring that you get to work and play comfortably, stay warm and covered, and still look your best. The brand has become a go-to boots destination for everyone—men, women, young boys, and young girls—refusing to compromise style or practicality.


Discover the various styles with the help of our Spendless NZ team. They know boots like the backs of their hands and are willing to share their expertise. Let’s start!


Style 1—Pull-On Leather Boots


Pull-on boots are the first style that comes to mind when you seek a seamless combination of convenience, comfort, and style. Its most significant advantage over other styles is the time and effort it saves you. Everyone can appreciate how these boots keep you from struggling with laces because they are slip-and-go. Ideal for hectic mornings, you can save on prep time and rush out the door within seconds. These boots are perfect for people who prefer hitting the snooze button several times before getting up. 


But apart from A+ functionality, pull-on boots are packed with style. The sleek design of their side gussets or panels adds to the appeal. Let’s look at some of Spendless NZ’s notable options.


  • Chance from the men’s collection features a glossy leather-look material, stretchy elastic side panels, and a semi-formal feel you can dress up or down for various events. Wear these boots to work or play, and impress everyone you encounter!

  • Restate from the women’s collection will set your style on fire. There are pull tabs for easy wear besides the usual side gussets. These boots’ best asset would be their chunky soles, adding a comfortable and stylish lift to your look.

  • Benson from the boys’ collection is among the best for school and special occasions. These boots have a sleek and stylish leather look, rounded toes for comfort, and gripped soles to ensure your child’s safety.


Style 2—Thick


While autumn and winter are still months away, you never know when the need for thick boots might come up. A surprise trip to another country, where it’s cold and snowing, would require this option. This option's most significant benefit is keeping your feet toasty and cosy. Walking outside on your way to work, school, or the grocery store can be challenging if it’s cold. Thick boots keep your toes (and feet) from freezing on the spot, while the gripped soles keep you steady and stable.


Aside from keeping you warm, comfy, stable, and dry, thick boots also have a robust construction that protects you from natural elements. Combine all those functionalities with the option’s stylish designs, and you get an all-around must-have shoe. Let’s look at various Spendless NZ styles:


  • Atlas from the women’s collection is ideal for your globe-trotting adventures. These boots ensure your safety with features like chunky, gripped soles suitable for slippery surfaces and harmful objects. The round-toe design provides comfort, while the fluffy lining keeps you warm. The buttons and laces also add visual interest that keeps you looking your best.

  • Abel from the boys’ collection will ensure your son survives the cold. The boots have a thick suede-like outer material and padded edge to keep the insulation. This option’s protective features include supportive soles for stability and double touch-fastening straps for adjustable security. Stay worry-free, knowing your son is cosy and steady.

  • Allure from the girls’ collection ensures your daughter stays cute and cosy. These thick boots have a fluffy inner material that spills over the edges to provide warmth from the feet to the ankles or slightly above. The sturdy soles make navigating various surfaces safe. Tie all this cuteness in with an adorable bow wrapped around the middle.


Style 3—Combat


Make a rugged statement with a pair of combat boots. This style option is oozing with toughness unmatched by any other style. This option’s incomparable durability makes them a worthy investment, ensuring you can wear them for years. People living on the edge would love shoes with the same vibe. When you feel uninspired and demotivated, it’s great to have combat boots that instantly chase the blues away. Who wouldn’t get excited about something as gorgeous as these? Let’s look at the Spendless NZ styles for the whole family.


  • Report from the men’s collection is an excellent addition to Dad’s wardrobe. These boots feature a smooth, shiny finish, contrasting soles, and a lace upper. But unlike other brands, Spendless NZ has a surprise in store for you—a functional side zipper that makes wearing easy!

  • Chief from the women’s collection has all the features necessary for mums to achieve that rugged, edgy vibe—chunky soles, lace uppers, and pull tabs. Like Report, these boots also have a functional side zipper to secure them in seconds.

  • Raina from the girls’ collection boosts your daughter’s cuteness factor. Available in multicolours, these boots have all the features that Chief and Report have, including the functional side zipper, so wearing and removing them won’t be a struggle.


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