Boots for Men and Women Perfect for Transeasonal Wear

New Zealand is a country renowned for its outdoor activities and extreme weather. Some people would even joke that it's possible to experience all four seasons in one day, so it's best to prepare!


And what's the best way to do that? Wear boots! 


New Zealand is a beautiful country with stunning views, mountains, and sites. However, your activities and the weather where you live will considerably impact the type of boots you need to buy.


For example, winter is different on the South Island and the North Island of New Zealand, so you can choose the best style. The North Island continues to be warmer and gentler than the rest of the country. 


But on average, it rains more frequently. On the one hand, winter and fall on the South Island can be extremely chilly. Therefore, expect that there will be rainy days even in spring and summer.


Spendless Shoes New Zealand boots are thus ideal for trans-seasonal wear throughout the year. These shoes will keep you warm in the winter, provide traction on slippery surfaces, and be strong enough to last for many years. Naturally, however, your commitment to giving your boots proper care will determine how long they last.


Need help deciding which style you'll choose for the coming seasons? Our team at Spendless Shoes New Zealand will give you a crash course on each style's characteristics—just remember, our price is always right. So kick back and go through them at your leisure!


Men's Leather Boots


The erratic weather may hamper your plans in New Zealand. Men's boots, on the other hand, differ from other male footwear in that they are functional, strong, and offer stability—especially when the weather is wet! Along with these many benefits, these shoes can add style to otherwise plain clothing, giving you a rugged yet refined appearance. 


Spendless Shoes' New Zealand men's boots come in black, brown, and tan, three timeless colours that go well with most of your wardrobe. The guys will benefit from the protection, comfort, warmth, versatility, affordability, and stability these shoes offer.


This footwear can easily take you from work to the weekend in any season. Three types of men's boots are available: ankle, combat, and work boots.


Style 1—Ankle 


Ankle boots are a seasonless wardrobe staple that cover the entire foot until the ankle or slightly above it. This variety comes in pull-on and lace-up boots at Spendless Shoes New Zealand. 


Many people find tying the laces on their lace-up boots a hassle, especially if you're running late for your activity. The good news is that the version offered by Spendless Shoes New Zealand has a helpful side zipper that speeds up putting on and taking off. 


You don't have to spend time adjusting and tying the laces of your boots. Try pairing them with jeans and a T-shirt during warmer days and casual Fridays at the workplace. If you are searching for ease of use, with the time to put them on lasting less than 10 seconds, the second type is for you. 


The pull-on got its name from how easily you can insert your feet into the shoe. The style's sleek and minimal appearance is the source of its appeal. These men's boots blend well with suits and are perfect for formal events. You'll look dapper all year if you wear this look!


Style 2—Combat 


Initially designed for the military, men's combat boots are now a fashion essential. These shoes add a touch of toughness to your overall appearance and are ideal for wearing in between seasons.


You can wear these shoes in casual settings. But are you aiming for a rugged look?


Pair these combat boots with edgy designs, preferably sticking to dark colours and heavy-duty clothing materials like leather and denim. 


Style 3—Work


Work boots have gone beyond the construction site nowadays. These sturdy and practical shoes go perfectly well with casual outfits, mainly jeans and shirts. Moreover, these boots are durable and stable, making them perfect for rainy days when the surface is wet. 


We cannot recommend a better choice than this to face the extreme cold in New Zealand during the autumn and winter seasons. 


Women's Leather Boots  


Owning a pair of stylish boots is an excellent way for women to stay warm and protected throughout New Zealand's unpredictable weather. In addition, they are essential for year-round clothing in the country due to their ability to keep you safe, warm, comfortable, and stable. 


More importantly, the price of these classic women's boots from Spendless Shoes New Zealand is affordable. You can buy one of their three styles without blowing your budget! All of the styles are appropriate for all seasons! 


Style 1—Ankle Boots


With these boots from Spendless Shoes New Zealand, you can keep your feet safe throughout the four seasons. They reach as high as your ankles and look amazing with dresses, jeans, and skirts during the warmer seasons. 


Meanwhile, when the colder months arrive, you can add layers of thick jackets and scarves to the ensemble.


Style 2—Long (Flat Boots or Heeled Boots)


The long boots are perfect for rainy days because they keep your feet dry and warm below the knees. Spendless Shoes New Zealand has this style in three colours: black, brown, and tan. They also come in the heel height you prefer.


We recommend looking at insulation and traction for winter because these will get you through the season. These boots will look great during the warmer months with a casual outfit like a miniskirt, shorts, or skort. This makes them perfect for wearing between seasons.


Style 3—Knee-High  


Knee-high boots for women offer the most coverage because they come up to, just above, or below the knees. Typically, they are tighter at the top than at the ankle and leg shaft.


A weekend outing with the girls would look great with skirts, dresses, rompers, and knee-high boots during the warmer months. Layer on with coats and scarves, or wear sweater dresses and leggings for the colder months.


Invest in a pair of cross-seasonal boots! 


Are you ready to go shopping? Think about our descriptions and choose the style you want to wear all year. Then, shop for versatile boots online from the Spendless Shoes New Zealand brand website. Search and purchase a pair from our vast range of boots for men and women.


You may also visit the store nearest you. Our payment plans are flexible, so you can buy now and pay later at a great price.