Boots for Men, Women, and Kids Are at Spendless

Are you looking for a place to buy boots for the entire family? If yes, you do not need to look far, as Spendless New Zealand has all the styles that will cater to each family member's tastes and needs. 

Parents do not have to go to different stores because Spendless can provide all they need regarding boots.

And if you don't feel like going out of the house to brave traffic and crowds, you can shop from the comfort of your home 24/7. 

Spendless New Zealand will provide your entire family with a seamless shopping experience, especially now that the cooler months are here and you'd rather stay home. 

More importantly, shopping online will give you discount vouchers and coupons on top of the affordable line of boots, allowing customers to buy footwear for each family member without breaking the bank. 

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If you need more details on the styles of boots Spendless New Zealand has to offer, all you have to do is keep reading, as our team has gathered all the information you need. Let's start!


All the styles of men's boots at Spendless New Zealand are ankle-height. Several types may pique your interest, especially if you need shoes that elevate your style. 

In addition, warmth and coverage are necessary since you need additional protection from the cold. Here are trending boots that deserve a space in your family's shoe closet.

Style 1—Combat Leather Boots

Combat boots have always been a top choice. This style adds ruggedness to your appeal and ensures you always look good and stay winter-proof. These boots drew inspiration from what uniformed men wore in battle. 

They are comfortable, durable, and keep you warm and steady on different ground surfaces. While laces can turn you off from these boots, Spendless NZ guarantees an easy-wear experience thanks to the functional side zipper. 

Pair these shoes with jeans and a leather jacket, and you're all set.

Style 2—Pull-On

The pull-on boots are ideal if you're always hurrying to go somewhere. After sliding your feet inside these shoes, you're ready to go out the door in seconds. 

We can imagine how busy life can get, especially if you have many responsibilities to balance and hats to wear. 

Luckily, you don't have to keep changing footwear for each occasion because the pull-on boots are versatile and stylish for all of them. 

You can wear these shoes to work, to attend a parent conference at school, or to go on a date with your wife. These boots will ensure you look good effortlessly.


In contrast to the men's collection, the women's boots at Spendless New Zealand come in ankle, long, and knee-high. Choose the height that can provide you with the warmth and coverage you need.

Aside from height, you also need to consider the colour of the boots you want to add to your family's closet. 

Spendless NZ has eight excellent colours to make winter brighter: black, brown, green, natural, red, tan, vanilla, and white. Let's highlight a couple that may interest you.

Style 1—Red Combat

Why not get the same style of boots for the entire family?

Adding red footwear to your collection is a good choice because your closet needs a change. Spendless NZ has a pair of red combat boots that deserve attention. 

The red shoes starkly contrast the gloom and grey of winter. And like the men's version, this style for women also has a side zipper that makes wearing them a breeze.

Style 2—Black Two-Tone Knee High

This range of women's boots is ideal if you're not into colour but love a unique style. With flat soles and a squared-toe design for assured comfort, you haven't seen the best part yet. 

These boots have a two-tone material; the front half has a shiny finish, while the back is matte. 

This style is a definite scene-stealer, so have enough space for this tall one in your closet. In addition, we recommend investing in a tall boot tree to preserve its shape.


Spendless New Zealand's boots for kids are equally stylish and functional.

Kids 1—Boys

The pull-on ankle boots for young boys are ideal for school use on weekdays and special occasions on weekends. With two tabs for easy wear, these shoes protect your son's feet as he participates in classroom and playground activities. 

While lacking in fastening, the pull-on boots have elastic side gussets that expand to accommodate any foot shape. A good style for school uniform requirements, these shoes also look good with a suit!

When the weather's extra chilly, your son needs the Spendless NZ boots with a thick, suede-like material to keep him warm and fashionable. 

The two touch-fastening straps will secure the footwear, while the padded edge will provide comfort around his ankles.

Kids 2—Girls 

The collection of girl's boots is bright and colourful. Your daughter will love to have them in the family's shoe closet. Get her any of the multi-coloured combat boots to match her parents. 

These shoes have thick, chunky soles for support, a lace-up fastening for adjustability, and a side zipper for easy wearing. These colourful shoes will look good with dresses and jeans this winter.

If you want your daughter to be the star of the occasion, you should buy her pink cowboy boots with metallic star patterns! This statement piece deserves a spot in her shoe collection, and it's easy to wear because of the side zipper.

Get All Your Family's Shoe Needs from Spendless NZ!

Make it a family tradition to shop for boots together at Spendless NZ. You can coordinate, match, or choose the pair that highlights everyone's individuality. 

Whatever you're looking for, from new heights shoes to a classic pair of boots for that special event that matches your outfit this winter, Spendless NZ has you covered.

Because of their extensive boot and heel height choices, including those leather boots, heeled boots, lace-up boots, long boots, and even flat boots, you can always put your best foot forward, and their boots provide many benefits and are ideal for the colder season.

Head to the nearest retailer or the online store and take advantage of the flexible payment systems, which allow you to purchase now and pay later!

When you buy your boots online, you can check out the Spendless NZ brand from the convenience of your home and find the best prices and discounts. 

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