Boots for the Cold New Zealand Winters

Protecting your feet during the winter is one of the best defences against the cold. It is one of the entry points for the cold to enter and spread throughout your body, so protect it at all costs. Invest in a pair of boots from Spendless New Zealand to keep you and everyone around you safe from the harsh winter.


We all know how extreme the weather can be in New Zealand on a regular day, so imagine how cold it can get during the height of winter. Several health issues can affect your feet and overall well-being if you don’t protect them with boots. These problems include cracked heels, frostbite, athlete’s foot, and other injuries.


Don’t wait for these to happen to you. The boots at Spendless New Zealand aren't too expensive, which makes them cheaper than going to the hospital if you get hurt.


So, if you want to learn more about the styles that will keep you warm during the cold New Zealand winter, our team at Spendless New Zealand will provide you with an overview of each. So, prepare to get dazzled with stylish, versatile, comfortable, and affordable boots for winter!


For Women


The boots for women at Spendless New Zealand come in three categories, which pertain to the length of the shoe and the skin it covers: ankle, long, and knee-high. In addition, there's the heel height to consider and and types such as block, platform, or flat boots, etc.


The women’s boots come in eight fun colours that will keep you stylish and vibrant while providing warmth during the winter. These colours are black, brown, green, natural, red, tan, vanilla, and white.


The sizes available are 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12. Be sure you get your size by checking the size guide because sizes vary according to brand.


Style 1—Ankle Boots


Ankle boots, as the name implies, cover the entire foot and reach the ankle. Keep yourself warm and toasty with the gorgeous styles available at Spendless New Zealand.


Grey and gloom have always been the mood of winter, so to counter the dull colours of the season, our Spendless NZ team would like to suggest a couple of limited editions and online-exclusive boots that will keep you looking and feeling good the entire season.


Look for black combat-style shoes with white flowers that are available only online. Who says flowers only bloom in spring? These ankle boots will make people envious.


Still, about colour: chase the blues away when wearing these limited-edition red boots. The shoes have two zippers that will lock your feet in warmth and comfort with their rounded-toe design and thick, supportive sole.


If you don't like the colour but want to be daring, try the chunky platform boots in white. It would contrast nicely with your dark winter clothes. Yes, wear white even when the possibility of getting dirty and wet is high.


Style 2—Long Boots


Long boots cover the entire foot until the lower part of the leg. Getting this style will ensure that you get more warmth than you need. While the colours available for long boots are fewer, namely black, brown, natural, and tan, they are equally gorgeous and supportive.


A nice pair of brown shoes will catch your eye with their loose shape, rounded toes, and shiny material that looks like leather. 


You’ll love how the rounded-toe design will give your toes enough breathing space to remain comfortable during cold temperatures. Squeezed toes are painful and can add to the foot injuries you can suffer during the winter.


If you still need warmth, choose the long black boots with two patches of layered material on the front and back for added protection. In addition, a thick, fluffy material lines the inside of the shoes to prevent cold air from entering. More importantly, these boots have thick, sturdy soles that keep you steady while walking on wet surfaces.


Style 3—Knee-High Heeled boots


Knee-high boots reach your knees or are slightly below or above them. It provides the most warmth and coverage of the three styles, making it perfect for those who get cold quickly. Most knee-high boots come with a heel, but at least they are the block kind, which are thick and broad and distribute your weight evenly.


Who says you should let the cold stop you from bringing your A-game in fashion? Get your hands on one of the unique styles available at Spendless New Zealand. The boots have a two-tone outer material; the front half has a shiny finish, while the back is matte.


For Men


Women's boots come in many different lengths, but men's boots at Spendless New Zealand are all ankle length and cover the whole foot up to the ankles. However, a lack of length options does not imply a lack of available styles, as several types will keep you warm and cosy during the cold New Zealand winter.


Choose a pair of boots in any of these three colours: black, brown, or tan. These colours can match most of your winter clothes, ensuring you look and feel good despite the cold. They are better than sneakers, mind you!


You can get your hands on gorgeous boots like pull-on, rain, combat, work, and lace-up boots—who says the more popular brands are better? Rain boots can take whatever winter throws at them. Without fastening these shoes, you slide your foot in, and off you go.


Think about all the other kinds of men's boots when you need something more formal than rain boots. Don’t be fooled by the lace-up style because it has a functional side zipper that secures the footwear on you and removes the hassle of having to tie laces.


Spendless New Zealand will keep you warm this winter!


Winter is not an excuse to let go of style because the leather boots (with many benefits!) at Spendless New Zealand can keep you warm and cosy while looking like you stepped out of a fashion magazine. Now is the time to visit your nearest store and retailer, or our online shop!


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