Boots He’ll Love This Christmas!

Are you planning on treating yourself to a new pair of men’s boots? Spendless has what you need! 


Guys will love our trendy, combat-look men’s boots!


These everyday shoes can bring a little more attitude than your typical skate shoes or stylish sneakers. The glossy material gives our men’s boots a trendy feel, while the laced upper and thick grooved soles bring the biker look to the forefront!


At Spendless Shoes, our combat styles are a customer favourite, because of their bold look and long-lasting comfort. Those grooved soles aren’t purely for the show! Guys can go out in these men’s boots from dawn until dusk and still have energy left to burn. Also, since our biker-look shoes have laced uppers, you can adjust them to fit your foot shape, which means a cosy feel is guaranteed!   


Our pull-on men’s boots can dress up and dress down!


Guys who need a versatile pair of shoes for the holiday season will enjoy our pull-on styles! The beauty of these sleek men’s boots is that they can dress for any occasion. If you’re heading to a party or barbeque in your mate’s backyard, then they’ll look right at home!


Off to a semi-formal event like a Christmas or end-of-year party with work colleagues? Our glossy pull-on styles will bring a trendy feel to your favourite formal pants or suit. As well as being a stylish pick, men’s boots like these are a cosy choice too. The elastic side gussets stretch to fit feet flawlessly, and the slide-in fit is a convenient feature.


Men’s boots in the pull-on style come in burnished tan, and polished or matte black material, so different colours can give the same shoes a completely different vibe! 


How about some comfy slippers for the festive season?


By this time of the year, most people are ready for relaxation, so cosy men’s boots are a must-have! The fantastic selection of slippers at Spendless Shoes are an outstanding option for any guy. While tall styles tend to be a favourite pick during winter and autumn, the soft and cosy feel of our ankle-high men’s boots makes them a much-loved pair during any season. 


When you want to kick up your feet and rest your tired legs, the cushioned soles, fuzzy fabric, and soft material of our slippers will take good care of them! Our favourite men’s boots in this section come in black and tan, so we’ve got something to suit any guy’s aesthetic. 


Are you planning on doing some gardening over the holiday break?


Wear our men’s boots while you work! There’s nothing like home improvements and garden sprucing as you head into the new year. If you want your environment to feel more inspiring for 2021, then you’ll need some men’s boots that you can take into the dirt, mud, sand, and other terrains. 


Luckily, Spendless Shoes has waterproof styles that are sure to treat you right! A pair of our rainy-day men’s boots would be the perfect fit for the job. Our synthetic waterproof shoes can get sprayed off with a garden hose, rinsed off under a tap, or wiped down whenever they get dirty! So, you can feel free to tromp around your garden or shed in these men’s boots and not worry about what you’re stepping in (like a little present from your dog). 


Once you’ve done for the day, spray the mess off of the material, leave them to dry by the back door, and they’ll be ready to go in the morning! 

Get in quick!


Make someone’s day (or your own) with a pair of our men’s boots!