Boots Perfect for a New Zealand Winter!

Some people look forward to winter for one reason, and that has nothing to do with the cold. 


They've waited a long time for an opportunity to wear their stylish boots again. Although this footwear is one of the few considered trans-seasonal items, which is something you can wear all year, it still hits differently during winter. 


During the cold season, you can stare at everyone's stylish boots as they go about their day. It's fun to compare the colours, the heel height, the length of the shaft, and the style. 


More so in New Zealand, a country where winter can be treacherous. On a typical non-winter day, the country's weather is already erratic, and one jokes about experiencing all seasons in one day. 


As such, the need for boots that can withstand the New Zealand winter is high. 


Everyone of all ages should have a handy pair in the closet. We cannot risk accidental slips and wet feet because someone was not wearing Spendless New Zealand boots.


So, to ensure everyone remains safe and stylish this New Zealand winter, our team from Spendless NZ will provide you with choices suitable for everyone. 


Everyone should always look their best, even when they'd rather stay indoors and hibernate. Let's start! 




The choices for women's boots at Spendless NZ are astonishing. The options include ankle, long boots, or knee-high shafts. The varieties suggest the level of warmth and coverage each type provides. 


Besides shaft length, Spendless NZ gives women several colour options, which include black, brown, green, natural, red, tan, vanilla, and white. Most ladies go the easy route and choose black boots because they are the easiest to match with their chosen outfit. 


The timeless and classic colour makes the footwear suitable for varied occasions—casual to formal. 


Meanwhile, those who choose white shoes are brave because maintaining cleanliness is challenging. 


However, it's worth it because white is a contemporary and fashion-forward choice. Look at some Spendless NZ boots you must add to your shoe closet. 


Style 1—Black Mid-Length


Choose Arizona if you're searching for a pair of black boots you can wear to all occasions. These Spendless NZ boots have low heels, standing at 2.5cm, to ensure a comfortable and stable height. 


Arizona has a relaxed silhouette, shiny leather-look material for style, and rounded toes for comfort. Its versatility makes it easy to style with anything in your wardrobe. With a zip-up fastening, you can be secure within seconds.


Style 2—White Cowboy


It's time to make your shoe closet more exciting with the addition of Shania, a limited edition pair of Spendless NZ calf-length cowboy boots. These shoes are ideal for festivals and fun events. 


But if you're not into those, it's okay because cowboy boots add more fun to your look, even if you're only going out to brunch. 


Shania ticks all the features of these Western movie-inspired shoes, with its inner zip, small heel, and pointed toe. 




Unlike the women's collection, most men's boots at Spendless NZ are ankle height. The colour choices are fewer, too. The men's boots are available in black, brown, and tan. 


Brown shoes are an excellent choice because they add a touch of warmth to your look. These boots pair well with earthy tones, neutral colours, and denim. 


Meanwhile, tan shoes add more colour to your wardrobe. While black boots are a classic, mixing up your look with something tan this winter is an excellent idea. Adding a little colour would be good. 


Style 1—Brown Pull-On 


Who says you should not put much effort into your looks this winter? 


Looking good should be year-round, and the easiest way to do that is by wearing brown pull-on boots from Spendless NZ. Chance deserves a spot in your winter wardrobe because it can take you anywhere effortlessly.


Not to mention, its lack of laces makes it easier to wear. These boots have a quick slide-in snug fit thanks to the elastic side panels, which expand and retract to accommodate your feet. 


Chance's glossy leather-look material can elevate your look without trying too hard. 


Style 2—Tan Work 


Ensure a warm, stylish, and safe winter season with Spendless NZ's tan work boots. This style has gone beyond its usual work environment and into fashion. 


Harvest is a stylish pair of tan work boots that comply with all the necessary features to keep you safe. It has a padded collar for support, shock-absorbing soles for impact, and steel-capped toes for protection. 


These boots have all the features to boost your style and safety this winter, but you have yet to hear the best part. 


While it has lace fastenings for an adjustable fit, the side zipper allows you to wear the shoes within seconds. Since some people find tying laces tedious, it is a great feature. 




Your kid deserves an excellent pair of Spendless NZ boots. Warmth and style should be for all ages, and the brand has impressive options for the young ones, too! 


Kids 1—Boys 


Keep your son warm and stylish this winter with Abel, a pair of Spendless NZ ankle boots for young boys. It has a sturdy closed-toe design and thick suede-like outer material to keep your son safe and toasty all day. 


The double touch-fastening straps and the padded edge of these boots will keep your child's feet comfy and secure all day. 


More importantly, Abel uses vegan-friendly materials that ensure durability to withstand New Zealand's harsh natural elements.


Kids 2—Girls 


Keep your baby girl chic by choosing any Spendless NZ boots for girls. A cute style like combat boots will keep them warm, covered, and protected the entire season. 


Raina is an excellent option, available in several cute multi-colours. These boots have sturdy soles for support, a lace-up fastening for adjustability, and a side zipper for easy wearing. 


Choose Spendless NZ Boots this Winter! 


Spendless NZ boots will ensure everyone has a warm, stylish, and cosy winter.The brand's various styles are impressive for kids and adults alike. 


Spendless NZ offers many men's and women's boots appropriate for the classroom, the workplace, and a night out on the town. They have various boot styles, from heeled boots, lace-up boots, and leather boots to flat boots.


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