Boots Perfect for a Stylish New Zealand Winter!

When planning a stylish New Zealand winter outfit, it's wise to understand what the weather in the country is like. Your boots must be capable of facing extreme weather because they can get icy, windy, and wet.

People often joke that you can experience four seasons in one day when the weather changes.

Because of these, you need boots that can provide the look to make you fashionable and the coverage to keep you warm and cosy the entire season. It would help if everyone in the family had shoes to protect them.

So, to ensure everyone's happy this winter, our team from Spendless New Zealand will provide you with different styles for everyone. Know how everyone can look their best despite the perfect weather for hibernating. If you're ready to give it a go, let's start!


The choices for women's boots at Spendless New Zealand are plenty. You can choose from ankle boots, long boots, knee-high boots, leather boots, heeled boots, flat boots, or lace-up boots based on your desired warmth and coverage. The colours will also affect your decision.

Do you prefer neutral boots or vibrant ones?

You have some reflecting to do if you choose only one of eight excellent colours: black, brown, green, natural, red, tan, vanilla, and white. Our Spendless NZ team will give suggestions to help you narrow your choices. 

With so many excellent ones, getting just one is challenging. The women's boots at Spendless NZ are affordable, so why not take two? 

Style 1—Green Sock 

Consider adding Rita in green to your shoe collection. These Spendless NZ boots add a few centimetres to your height via thin block heels. 

The soft microsuede material is ideal for the sock boot style, which you wear like you do socks—tight and fitted like a glove. 

A snug fit means you get warmth, which is ideal for the cold season. Consider these boots for their style: pointy toes and side zip. If you're wondering what the side zipper is for, it's to wear Rita quickly and comfortably. 

Style 2—Black Two-Tone Knee High

Choose Eva if you're not into colour but prefer a unique style. These stylish boots from Spendless NZ have flat soles, a squared-toe design for assured comfort, and an over-the-knee length for more coverage and warmth. 

But you have yet to see the best part because it has a two-tone material, where the front half has a shiny finish while the back is matte. These boots are a scene-stealer, so ensure you have enough space to store them. 


Unlike the women's collection, the men's boots at Spendless NZ are ankle-height. Nevertheless, the stylish collection has something for all your outfit needs. 

Warmth and coverage are necessary since you need protection from the cold while still looking good. Check out some boots that deserve a space in your shoe closet.

Style 1—Pull-On

Are you tired of dealing with fastenings like laces but still want to look dapper?

If yes, get your hands on a pair of pull-on boots. Wear these shoes within seconds and head to your destination in a breeze. 

Add Chance to your wardrobe rotation with its timeless glossy leather-look material and stretchy elastic side panels, which expand to accommodate any foot shape. 

These panels ensure you can wear thicker socks for more warmth when wearing these boots. Available in black and brown, choose which one matches your clothes best. 

Style 2—Combat

Add combat boots to your shoe collection to elevate your rugged vibe this winter. This style ensures you always look good and stay winter-proof. The report is a pair of Spendless NZ combat boots with contrasting soles, a laced upper, and a smooth and shiny finish to hook you in. 

Spendless NZ guarantees an easy-wear experience thanks to the functional side zipper. Touch the laces only when you need to adjust the fit. Tighten the boots for warmth and snugness, or loosen them if you need thicker socks!


Everyone needs to stay warm and stylish in the winter, including kids. Check out Spendless NZ's boots for kids, combining style and function. 

Kids 1—Boys

Don't you love versatile boots? Choosing a style that works for school use and weekend functions gives you more bang for your buck. 

While pull-on boots have no fastening, the elastic side gussets work like one and expand to accommodate any foot shape. Your child can wear thicker socks for warmth, and the boots will adjust the fit. 

With two tabs for easy wear, these shoes protect your son's feet as he participates in classroom and playground activities. A good style for school uniform requirements, these shoes also look good with a suit!

But if your child needs more warmth than Benson can provide, check out Abel. These Spendless NZ boots have a thick, suede-like material to keep him warm and stylish. 

The two touch-fastening straps will secure the footwear, while the padded edge will provide comfort around his ankles.

Kids 2—Girls 

Add colour, style, and warmth to your daughter's winter style by getting any type from the colourful collection of girl's boots. Choose from any of the multi-coloured combat boots that are the cutest! 

These shoes have thick, chunky soles for support, a lace-up fastening for adjustability, and a side zipper for easy wearing. 

However, you can elevate your daughter's style game this winter with Dolly. These pink cowboy boots come with metallic star patterns, a small heel, and pointy toes. 

This statement piece will make your daughter smile, as will everyone who sees her wearing it. Wearing the boots is a breeze with the help of the side zipper. 

Elevate Your Winter Style with Spendless NZ!

Ensure everyone in the family remains warm, cosy, and stylish this winter with boots from Spendless NZ. Our brand has various styles that can compete with other brands and will surely impress everyone—kids and adults alike.

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