Boots Perfect For The Modern NZ Man!

On the lookout for new men’s boots? Spendless Shoes has the perfect styles for any man who lives in New Zealand! Not only do we have a great collection of semi-formal and smart-casual men’s boots, but we’ve also got more specialised designs, like rain-boots and safety shoes for work. Sit back, relax, and keep reading this article to learn all about our range! We’ll get you into the best men’s boots at a bargain price in 2020. Now, let’s take a look at your options together!


Do you need men’s boots that work in casual and formal settings?


Our lace-up and pull-on men’s boots are the perfect picks for you this season. These shoes have a distinct aesthetic and fastening style, but they have a surprising amount in common.

First off, you can find versions of both in a black or tan/brown finish, which means they’re the type of footwear that can match with any outfit. Regardless of what colour your clothes are or if you want to wear something with patterns, your men’s boots will still be able to match them.

Secondly, these styles also offer a comfortable and flexible fit. You can tie up your lace-up men’s boots until they fit your feet perfectly, while the elastic panels on pull-on styles stretch to match your shape effortlessly. 

Thirdly, these styles can both get dressed up or dressed down as you need. The glossy leather-look material gives your men’s boots a touch of sophistication, so pairing them with dress pants and suits will never be an issue. But, because of their classic shape, they’ll look fine with jeans, shorts, and chinos on the weekends too.


Kick back with combat-style men’s boots! 


Yes, we know we talked about lace-up styles a second ago, but these biker shoes are a bit different. Where our semi-formal shoes are slim and reminiscent of dress shoes, combat-look men’s boots bring the attitude. These styles are taller in the ankle to show off their trendy laced upper, come with glossy leather-look material, and have grooved soles that are perfect for wear outdoors.

Do you have a backyard party, picnic, or similar get-together in your social calendar? Grab a pair of our men’s boots, and you’ll be ready to go! If you do want to dress up shoes like these, then go for dark jeans, a matching leather jacket, or a classic (and freshly ironed) collared shirt.


Enjoy the endurance of waterproof men’s boots!


Do you need a sturdy pair to wear out in the garden, backyard, or shed? When you’re busy doing dirty jobs, the last thing you want to worry about is whether or not you’re making your men’s boots messy. Our waterproof styles let you stomp through puddles, wet grass, and mud during autumn and winter, but their easy-to-clean material is beneficial during all seasons.

During spring and summer, you can wear men’s boots during dirty and dusty jobs, and then rinse them off in seconds. Leave them by the backdoor (or a similar spot) where they’re close by, so you can slip them straight on when you need them!


What about some heavy-duty work styles?


Spendless Shoes has a fantastic collection of sturdy steel-capped men’s boots. With all their support and safety features there to protect you, you can feel confident every time you wear these to work. Our durable men’s boots are ideal for tradesmen and anyone who works near heavy machinery. Plus, you’ve got the choice between lace-up or pull-on styles with these too, so there’s something to suit everyone.

Who’s ready to take a look for themselves?

You’ll find the best men’s boots at Spendless Shoes this season! With low prices and speedy delivery to New Zealand, it's always the right time to shop online!