Boots That Look Good With Anything

Boots are a versatile shoe option that allows you to mix and match your clothes. When you have this shoe, you can guarantee outfit combinations that will excite the people you see. 


There’s something about them that makes people clamour for them. Whether it’s the shape, colour, shaft reach, or height, expect these shoes to make you look your best without trying too hard.


Finding the best boots for you is essential because you can make your life heaps easier and save you more money in the long run. You can stop shopping for a different shoe whenever an event arises because this versatile footwear is enough.


Everyone needs a pair of excellent boots in the closet for the following reasons: 


  • Weather protection is one of the top reasons for owning these shoes, mainly because winter in New Zealand can be extreme. It can provide the coverage everyone needs to stay dry and warm.

  • Style elevation is another notable reason. These shoes can make your clothes look good instantly. For instance, a miniskirt and a cute blouse will look better if you wear a pair of knee-high brown boots.

  • Stability and support are essential when navigating slippery streets. Not only do Spendless NZ boots look good with anything, but they also ensure you are safe from slips and accidents.


While there are more reasons why having these shoes is necessary, we have emphasised the critical ones. Discover more about various boots that look good with anything from the team at Spendless NZ. Let’s start!


Style 1—Combat


Military-inspired combat boots have evolved from battlefield footwear to fashion street clothing. 


This style screams durability, which is critical when constantly exposed to extreme natural elements. It protects you while ensuring you look like you stepped off the runway.


Typically, this style has a high ankle shaft extending slightly over your ankle, providing support and protection. Combat boots come with a lace fastening, giving you control over the fit. 


But since some people oppose the time it takes to weave laces through the eyelets and tie them, Spendless NZ has a trick up its sleeve.


Most of the brand’s options have a side zipper, making wearing them a breeze. The only time you will ever touch the laces is when you need to tighten or loosen them. 


Otherwise, zip yourself in and head out the door within seconds. Here are some Spendless NZ products to consider.


  • Obey is from the Spendless NZ women’s collection. These vanilla-coloured combat boots will draw attention from a kilometre away with their subtle elegance. Obey has a thick, chunky, and gripped sole to ensure you remain stable. The side zipper and pull tabs make wearing these boots a breeze.

  • Report is from the Spendless NZ men’s collection. These combat boots look like your typical battlefield footwear, adding to their rugged vibe. The contrasting sole against Report’s black colour is an excellent touch, which would look great with jeans and a leather jacket.

  • The Spendless NZ boots collection for young girls also has a combat style, which would look adorable on your daughter. Raina comes in attractive multi-colour designs, which boost the footwear’s trendy metre. Your daughter will love wearing these shoes on playdates with friends.


Style 2—Pull-On Leather Boots


Spendless NZ understands the hassle of fastenings. While most of its boots come with side zippers, some people prefer the ease of simply pulling them on. As such, you can find gorgeous options that make it convenient in a hurry.


Most pull-on boots have elastic side panels or gussets, which perform the functions of a typical fastening. 


These panels expand to accommodate any foot shape, then revert for a snug fit. Spendless NZ has options for everyone. Here are some notable ones.

  • Lenora is a stunning pair for women. These pull-on boots come with block heels for a comfortable and stable height. The statement heel provides a gorgeous contrast against the black material, boosting the footwear’s style appeal. The leather-look finish of Lenora would look amazing when you pair it with denim clothes.

  • Austin is a classic pair of brown pull-on boots from the men’s collection. These shoes have a burnished leather look that increases their style. A rear pull tab helps the wearer put these on effortlessly. Wear these versatile shoes with chinos for a dressy event or slim-fit jeans for a relaxed and casual gathering.

  • Benson is an excellent pair of pull-on boots for young boys. This versatile option passes the uniform dress code requirements, so your son can wear them in school on weekdays. These leather boots will give your child breathability and insulation critical to surviving New Zealand’s erratic weather. Benson pairs well with suits, so let your child wear them on special occasions.


Style 3—Rain


Some people overlook the potential that rain boots have. Relegating these shoes to rainy and wet days is a thing of the past. 


More people are experimenting with rain boots and their stylish appeal. It is the best if you want shoes that combine fashion and function. No one wants to get their feet wet, so protect them with a pair of rain boots from Spendless NZ. Check these out!


  • Spots will look amazing against an all-black outfit. With their leopard print finish, these rain boots for women will contrast well with a black dress and tights combination. Spots will ensure you remain warm, dry, and chic when you leave the house.

  • Welly will keep New Zealand men stable and dry with its treads and classic style. These rain boots protect the wearer, ensuring you get through a rough day.

  • Stomp will excite any young boy with its T-Rex and dinosaur bone print. These rain boots from Spendless NZ will keep your son looking good while stomping through mud patches and puddles.

  • Majestic can make all your little girl’s dreams come true. These rain boots for young girls are full of unicorns, rainbows, and sparkles. No mud or inclement weather can stop your daughter from enjoying her day because of Majestic.


Kids', men's, and women's boots from the Spendless NZ brand come in a wide range of fashionable options, making them ideal for school, work, and a night on the town. All sorts of boot styles and heel heights are available, including heeled boots, ankle boots, lace-up boots, long boots, flat boots, and many more.


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