Boots That Will Set Your Weekend Outfit On Fire!

Are you on the lookout for the best men’s boots of 2019?


Your search is over thanks to Spendless Shoes! Our fantastic styles come in all shapes and sizes, so there’s something for everyone. If you need boots, then you need to browse through our range. To get you started, we’ve put together a list of five types to consider:


1) Pull-on designs


The best part about these boots is the fact that you don’t have to fiddle with buckles or laces to get it onto your foot. These get designed for ease of wear and a fast transition onto your feet, which means our elasticised boots will never slow you down! The stretchy side panels make for a comfy fit and slowly change to match your foot and leg shape. We think these boots look fantastic with everything from jeans to dress pants, so you’re guaranteed to get your fair share of wear out of them. If you appreciate hassle-free shoes that work to suit you, then these are must-have items.


2) Brown and tan styles


We thought it might be helpful to take a quick detour and go over some of our colour range. Men’s boots predominantly come in black, but we have some marvellous tan and brown shoes on offer as well. These will be a modern and fun change-up from a conventional ebony style. Pair these off with a blazer or jacket in a matching colour for a sophisticated and balanced feeling outfit combination. At smart-casual events and parties, tan and brown boots will also keep you from looking overdressed or underdressed.


3) Faux suede boots


If you want trendy styles that perfectly balance form and function, then our faux suede boots are the shoes to choose. Firstly, the laced upper can be adjusted for the ultimate fit and feel when they’re on your feet. If you have wide or narrow feet, then these are the ideal choice. However, these also come with a handy side zipper, which means you don’t have to waste time unlacing and doing up your boots. Because of their appealing texture and neat build, these are a favourite choice for groomsmen and other wedding guests during winter and autumn.


4) Skinny leather-look styles


Who can say no to a glossy pair of boots? If you need something that can bring a touch of formality to your look (or maintain it), then these are the style! In essence, these boots play the role of high-cut dress shoes. Pairing these up with your favourite suits will be no issue at all, and, depending on the cut of pant-leg, they can pass as standard formal shoes. The benefit of these boots is the additional warmth and coverage. Where thicker socks can look weird with regular event shoes, your cosiest pairs can pass unnoticed in our sleek styles.


5) Outdoor boots


Finally, we have something a bit tougher on offer this season. Our work boots and heavy-duty styles aren’t the sort of thing you should take out to a restaurant, but they’ll be perfect for outdoor weekends. Maybe you have a music festival coming up, a camping trip, or some work out in the backyard to get to. Either way, the tough tread and cushioning ankle cuff on our boots will keep you safe and cosy. For boys who want to match their dads, we’ve got some miniaturised versions of these cool ankle boots in the kids’ range as well!  


Whatever your weekend hold, Spendless has the looks to suit you


Order your new pair online today. Our delivery to New Zealand is as fast as anything, so you’ll be enjoying your new boots sooner than you'd think!