Boots You'll Have for Years to Come

We all love a good pair of boots, especially in New Zealand, where the weather is extreme and frequently changes during the day. It's a beautiful country with stunning views, mountains, and sites.


The different styles of shoes you choose will depend significantly on your activities and the weather in your area. 


For instance, winter in New Zealand is different between the South and North Islands. North Island stays warmer and milder than the rest of the nation. However, it rains more frequently on average. 


On the one hand, the South Island can get icy cold during autumn and winter. On the other hand, you must expect significant snowfalls and frosts. But whichever area you live in, you need to protect your feet with these shoes. 


They will provide warmth for the cold, traction for slippery roads, and durability to last you for years to come. A good pair of boots will last you for years, as long as you also spare time to clean and care for them. However, we must abandon the notion that boots are only appropriate for winter and fall. 


You can also use them during the summer and spring, especially when doing activities that may strain your feet. Even during the summer, it can get cold in the evening or suddenly rain, so having these shoes is beneficial. People even joke that you can experience all four seasons in one day if you're lucky.


Why not get a pair of boots you'll have for years to come and protect your feet every day? Need help deciding? Thankfully, Spendless Shoes New Zealand has all the styles of boots available, and our team will give you the rundown!


All you need to do is sit back, relax, and read through them! 


Women's boots


Owning a pair of boots is the best way for women to stay warm and protected through New Zealand's erratic weather. So why do you need a pair of these shoes? The top reasons include safety, warmth, comfort, and stability.


When you buy women's boots from Spendless Shoes New Zealand, you can add affordable to the growing list of pros. Women have three stylish options to get them through all the years: short, long, and knee-high boots.  


Style 1 - ankle boots


You can protect your delicate feet all year long with women's boots from Spendless Shoes New Zealand. These shoes cover your entire foot until the ankle or the junction of your foot and lower leg. Once you discover how protected your feet are with these flat boots, you'll likely wear them constantly and want them to last for years. 


Match them with dresses, jeans, and skirts during the warmer seasons, then layer on thick jackets and scarves when the colder months arrive. You will look your best and feel secure when you go about your daily activities while wearing these boots. 


Style 2 - Long heeled boots


With unpredictable weather, expect to experience rain sometime in the day, even if it is sunny in the morning. As such, it's good to invest in a pair of long boots that will keep you dry and warm. Luck is on your side because the women's boots from Spendless Shoes New Zealand can cover your feet and legs, reaching as high as below the knees. 


The long-heeled boots come in black, brown, natural, and tan colours, which can easily match any outfit in your wardrobe. We recommend looking at insulation and traction for winter because these will get you through the season. 


Style 3 - Knee-High  


Knee-high boots provide the most coverage of all three women's boots, as they reach as high as or slightly above or below the knees. Usually, they are more constricted around the ankle and leg shaft than at the top. A weekend outing with the girls would look great in skirts and dresses during the warmer months.


When the weather turns colder, add coats and scarves to the ensemble.  


Men's leather boots


Men in New Zealand are very active, so they need shoes that protect their feet as they go about their day. Spendless Shoes New Zealand carries men's boots in three classic colours that will go with almost any outfit: black, brown, and tan. These shoes will provide the guys with protection, comfort, warmth, and stability.


 Affordability, too, if you get your men's boots from Spendless Shoes New Zealand. Three styles of men's boots are available: pull-on, ankle, and work. 


Style 1—Pull-On


How often have you been almost late to an event and blamed the laces of your footwear for the longer preparation time? With the pull-on boots, you only need to slide your feet into them. Their elastic side gussets expand to accommodate any foot shape.


You can wear these shoes to many events, so buying these pull-on boots is a good idea. In addition, they are durable and will last you for years to come. Finally, they are sleek and understated, perfect for work and after-work events.


Style 2—Ankle boots


These flat boots cover the feet up to or slightly above the ankle. These shoes from Spendless Shoes New Zealand come in pull-on or lace-up boots. We described earlier the ease with which you can wear pull-on boots.


However, the lace-up boots won't take extra time as they have a functional side zipper that only takes a couple of seconds to close and open. Wearing these boots from Spendless NZ will make you feel like a model who stepped out of magazines—very chic!  


Style 3—Work


The use of work boots evolved beyond the workplace setting into daily activities. These are durable and protect from external factors. They are perfect for winter in New Zealand because they keep you warm enough to survive the extreme cold. 


Have you decided on a pair of boots that will last for years? 


We suggest you stop reading now! We've given you a glimpse of the many benefits of this footwear. Now it's time to shop for boots online from the Spendless Shoes New Zealand website or the nearest store. 


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